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Due Date - sweep

im gonna be a November mummy!
my due date is tomorrow...
anybody else due tomorrow?
cant see him coming anytime soon. have pressure pains down there throughout day like. in my but and front bum and do get bk pains but it stops like so its not labour.
got a sweep on monday if he doesnt come.
ladies that have had the sweep or an internal how awkward was it because im a very private person and its gonna be awkward wacking my vag out to be fiddled with. espesh if its the midwife thats a family friend :-/ HELP
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This is going to sound alittle harsh and don't take it the wrong way but your midwife may be the one that delivers your baby so she's going to see it all on that day! You will lose all dignity! It's awful for us private women who like to keep things like that to ourselves, I totally understand, but I think it's time to face reality. Sorry xxx
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haha i know i do need to just 'man up' i spose.
just summin taking me right outa my comfort zone xx
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its awkward tho aint it... atleast when im in labour ill have pain to put me off x
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it's all uncomfortable and awkward but you get through it
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have you had an examination?
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Im gettim induced tomrow! I'm 41 weeks n no signs of contractions n been spend time at appts for non stress tests but in pass all!  Goodvluck!
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hope mine comes sooner too.. my doctor said that im going to have a big baby so i need him out soon or else he'll get alot bigger.. which im dreading.. i need something to help me induce labor fast..
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Trust me when you're in actual labor and its time to push you are not going to care who sees you
You will just want the baby out and the pain to stop
I'm a  very private person too.
And I thought the same thing but when the time came I didn't have no shame at all all you're thinking about it the pain and your baby. Good luck
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but im not going to bein in labour im off for a sweep... so i wont have pain to distract me :-( x
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I'm due today also & no sign what so ever that she is coming! Although I have already had a sweep because when I was at the hospital last she was very high up so they thought it would lower her & it did! Got another one on Wednesday :) but it's so quick it doesn't really bother you as much:) I was exactly the same as you.. Very shy and hated getting undressed in front of people ect but now I think they see this every single day & they have seen a lot worse I guess :-) plus you have to get this baby out one way or another :)! Good luck for when he comes though, I'm depressed already at the fact she's not here yet and it's her due date today !:(
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awww thanks aimeejade.
glad am not alone! yeah im fed up... really bored and just wanna meet him! feel like ive been lied to lol!
how long does the sweep take? omg gonna be well awkward lol.x
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I was exactly the same as you honestly, but they gave me something to put on my legs and I wore a longish dress with leggins that day anyway haha :) she literally sat on the end of my bed had a quick look to see where to go and then turned her head and got on with it :) it took literally no longer than 15 seconds. Just feels a little uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt :) they also closed the curtain away from my husband also which I didn't mind about him seeing it anyway but they know how ladies feel about themselves especially in pregnancy with feeling 'fat & stretchmarks' if any :) x
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oh gosh lol. see it still sounds like its gonna be a traumatic time for me. im going alone like but i dunno. anyway if i want this baby out then i need to just get it done and hope for best. because hes not shifting anywhere today! lol are you from UK aimeejade? x
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I'm due today and I don't see my little girl coming I'm actually quiet sad she hasn't tried to come yet I can wait to see her feel her and hear her I already had a membrane sweep it didn't help I've been in the hospital 2 times from pain but no babu girl :(
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aww no!
its awful being in the unknown aint it. not knowing when or how your gonna go into labour. i hope its not too long for your babies to arrive ladies!!xx
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If your feeling really uncomfortable just tell the midwife and she will do her best to try and make it ease. I mean they do anyway :) yes from U.K Hun. They see it as all women that are in there are going through the same thing as you to try and get the baby moving :) it's so worth it though In the end:) this is my first and I thought I'd be so different to what I was because I'm so private xx
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aye... my sis said just wear leggings and get on woth it. i do just want to meet my little man. have been ready to meet him for ages! hes my first too! i cant believe im now overdue... i mean i knew he wouldnt come on his due date anyway but i dunno feels weird to be overdue.
i really hope this sweep gives him the encouragement he needs. it did for my friend but everyone is so different.
i private messaged you on here aimeejade i i thought it would be nice to keep in touch if you like? x
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