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Due Date Calculation??

I am just curious.....because when I first found out I was pregnant, I figured out my due date to be February 15th. My LMP was May 11th (28 day cycles). However, when I went to the doctor on June 26th, the doctor told me that I was 6w5d and that my due date is February 12th. This would put me at 11 weeks on Saturday. However, whenever I go to a site and type in my due date, it tells me I am a couple of days ahead. For instance, babygaga.com if I put in my due date it tells me that I am 11 weeks today. That is what I have been going by....

Does anyone else understand this????
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Have you had a u/s yet? If no, the dr. is just using a wheel and for some reason I have found them to be off alittle. Once you have your u/s your dr. will go off of that! But really a few days doesnt matter to the Dr.'s. I know it does for us.LOL
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yea i'm having that also.....even with a due date of oct 25, i should start my weeks on thursday....but an online calculator using the same EDD, says i am 26.6 weeks, rather than 25.6 weeks....idk, but i get your confusion.....also, my doc doesnt count like tickers do, 0w0d, he only counts 0w....
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I have had one ultrasound already...but it was when I was at 6 weeks. My next u/s is tuesday, maybe they can tell me more then.
Its just confusing...i would like to know if I am 11 weeks, or 10w 4d.....
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I know some of the online calculators not only ask you when your LMP was, but how long your cycles usually are.  Those little wheels the doctors use are based on an average 28 day cycle.  I know mine's usually around 32 days, so with my first pregnancy, it was off by nearly a week.

Once you have an ultrasound tho, the doctor will base your due date off of how big the baby is measuring.  However, this can still be 'off' if your baby hasn't grown properly or is growing a lot!

Lastly, since most babies don't bother to come on their expected due dates, I wouldn't worry too much about pinning down a certain day.  Maybe having a changing due date won't be so bad (unless, of course, it keeps getting farther and farther away and baby needs to get his butt into the world!).
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I bet you do, but again 2days doesnt make a hold lot of difference. I would just go off of what your dr. is saying!
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Thanks for the input everyone.....They scheduled my 12 week ultrasound for tuesday...so hopefully they can tell me how my baby is measuring and then I can get a better idea on its growth and all that good stuff. Tuesday cannot come quick enough!!!
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