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Early Signs?

I am researching things before I go get a test, but I think (and want to be) pregnant. I'm 27 years old and have been pregnant before(about 2 years ago), but miscarried within the first month. My period was due today and hasn't come yet. I was ovulating on September 25th (around that time) and my boyfriend and I had sex without a condom. I'm pretty sure that some of his "kids" ended up inside of me, but he did pull out shortly after.

Within 2 weeks, I had a sudden nosebleed, which I haven't gotten since I was young.
I also started to notice a thick, white discharge (no odor) right around the time my period was due (today).
This discharge usually only occurs to me shortly after my period has ended.

I am very gassy and constipated.

My breasts aren't sore at all or darker in color, but they do seem to be getting a little bigger.

I look a little bloated and I am feeling faint cramping periodically.

Could I be pregnant?
I hope and pray that I am.
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Sorry about the BFN Harper...did u re-test? Or has 'she' come?
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Maybe wait a couple more days and do another with your firsy morning urine.  Good luck
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I'd wait, I mean non of my symptoms started till I was around 5-6 weeks apart from the White discharge, I tested when I was 6 days late so I think you should wait a bit longer
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I took a pregnancy test last night and it came back negative.
Should I be worried or try again first thing in the morning? My period is now 2 days late.

When would be a good time to get a blood test done?
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hya hun it sounds like you are pregnant, i would get yourself a test. Ive got my fingers crossed for you that you are, good luck :))
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i am 12 days late for my period and i have had 4 negative PT it is doing my nut in lol! me and my bf have unprotected sex regularly and on the week i was ovulating i stayed at his the whole week so yeah we did it a lot lol. im not stressed about anything, havent changed my diet and am usully spot on with my periods. 28-29 days. i have become more tired then usual and i am getting really hot. ive just taken a walk into town which i usually do, takes about 5 minutes and i was sweating and felt rather uncomfortable. I have got tiny little spots appearing around my left nipple and am going to the toilet more frequently. what the bloody helll is happening lol!!!
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:) Good luck!
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Thanks you too! I'm really praying that I am.

The cramping that I'm having feels more like a period cramp rather than a pregnancy cramp, but when I was pregnant before, those pregnancy cramps didn't happen until I was already 1 month passed my period due date.

Right now, I would only be 3 weeks pregnant if the blessing was so. I'm hoping that the period feeling cramps are because of a baby nestling in my uterus.

Ths morning, I still ddn't start my period and I had a very strong sense of smell.

I think I will take a test first thing in the morning.

Thank you for your answers and your prayers.
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Were there is unprotected sex, there is always a risk of pregnancy. Youre symptoms sound good though...there's a pretty good chance you are pregnant. Go take that test ;) Good luck..
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That sound exactly the same symptoms i got before my bfp which i did not get until my period was due! go test! good luck
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