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Eggwhite mucus at almost 7 weeks?


Today while having to run to the bathroom all the time (just to pee thank goodness, no m/s just yet) I noticed eggwhite mucus after wiping, similar to what I had when ovulating. Is this normal? I'm 6w5d und so far haven't had any symptoms besides sensitive boobs, having to pee all the time and an increased sense of smell.

I'm a little worried!
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Ive got the same, midwfe said there will be plenty more throughout.. Lol
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I've got the same and i ain't pregnant yet haha x
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I had a lot of creamy mucus when I was pregnant and even now.  I am pretty sure I had that cm as well.  I'm pretty sure it's normal
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Normal and be ready bc in your second trimester you will have a lot more of it like rediculous amount!
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Haha okay so I shouldn't worry about it :) that's good! Amanda, who knows maybe you're pregnant but you just don't know XD LOL that would be a surprise huh!

Thanks ladies :)
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I've been having this too! Larger amounts bout every other day.
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Yep, totally normal...I'm on baby #3....and it totally gets worse!!  Be prepared!  :)
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I don't really know much about this and sorry if I'm taking away from your post but I'm kinda worried now and am wondering if it's the same thing.. I just used the bathroom and sorry this is gross when I wiped there was what looked like a whiteish mucus worm. Yuck I'm 22w 4d and just want to make sure it's normal and not something to worry about. Thanks and again sorry
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Nah I think my question was pretty much answered anyways, so no worries :) But wouldn't it get a little bit more response if you posted you own question? People with similar stories might react a little sooner to that I think... Anyways a worm you said?? That sounds icky, are you sure? Wasn't it just CM that looked like some kind of worm thing? I know my CM looks very icky, most of the time it scares me half to death (I was on the pill since I was 13, not very used to ovulating at all, or CM for that matter. Scared the hell outta me first time I saw it! Ran to my doconvinced that I had some horrible infection. Why did nobody ever tell me about this?!). If it really looked that bad maybe you should call you doctor and have it checked out?
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me too and I am 11 weeks. I was worried at first too, I have had it since the begining. It does decrease a bit. No need to worry though.
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oh yeah dont worry its completely normal and like a poster said before it only gets worse. i just hit 24 weeks and OMG LOL  as long as its not yellowish or smells bad everything is fine. and thank goodness for panty liners lemme say that much
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Thank you! It hasn't happened since then and there was no odor, so I think it's fine :) oh but for the future what does cm stand for? Sorry I'm new to all the abbreviations and thanks again!
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Cervical mucus :) I've got a group TTC Young where there's a list with abbrevations! That should help :)
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