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Emergency contraception failure

I have been on birth control pills for 16 years and came off them to take a
break and consider starting a family.  I understood that getting pregnant within
two months can increase one's risk of having a miscarriage.  My husband and I
had intercourse on Feb 14, while I was ovulating(LMP Feb 3).  On February 15, I
took 4 tablets of OrthoNovum 777 for emergency contraception.  Within the same
day I researched this and discovered that OrthoNovum 777's were an ineffective
combination for emergency contraception so I went to the pharmacy and took plan
B as directed.  My menstrual cycle was due on Mar 3 which didn't come.  I took a
pregnancy test on Mar 4 which was positive and confirmed by a serum HCG on Mar
5 at my doctors office.  I am so worried that I have caused a birth defect to my unborn child because
of the high levels of hormones that I took on Feb 15.  What risks are there to
my child?  I was trying to have 2 normal cycles off my birth control pills
reduce miscarriage risk and have potentially done something much more
disastrous.  Please advise on risks of high hormones so early in pregnancy.

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Your baby is obviously meant to be!  I have not seen any studies that show a risk of birth defects caused by the morning after pill.  Or by birth control pills, so from that I am going to infer that there would not be a risk of taking both.  I would not recommend taking them, but I would not terminate the pregnancy!  I have seen MANY MANY pregnancies (my own daughter--but don't tell) conceived while on the pill, and have yet to see a birth defect occur.

You are going to need to have an ultrasound for dating of the pregnancy, because, it sounds like you may already have been pregnant when you took the pills.  Alternatively, and this is an even better possiblity--you may have delayed your ovulation by taking the pills and gotten pregnant after the fact.

I guess you two are on the fast track to a family!

Good luck!
Dr B
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