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Encouraging Labour

Hi there -
Just wondering if anyone has any safe tips on encouraging labour to start/ speed up. I am due aug 14 and a week ago was 1cm dialated and 25% effaced, and at station 3. I have shared care with 2 different doctors one of whom did a V/Exam last week. They have said if I dont go into labour naturally before Aug 23/24 then I will be induced (which i DONT WANT!) on one of these days.
I know it is normal to feel so irratable, exhausted, achey and absolutely uncomfortable at this point (especially when ur carrying a 9pnd'r!) and I do not want to sound ungrateful and complain (especially considering what dh and i went thru to get here) but I truly am really ready and feel like Im goin nuts with tiredness and anticipation. My poor dh (although he doesnt complain god love him) is suffering too from me keeping him up. Im literally up every half hr to hour for toilet or aching, or just awake even thou Im exhausted.
I dont like the idea of castor oil for encouraging labour but I was wondering if there is any other hints people have?
Ive tried/trying spicy food, 4wheel driving, having lots of sex, rasberry leaf tea tablets.

Thanks ladies for any help or even encouragement

Lorri xx
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I walked around the local on a Thursday (and felt sick afterwards from the heat, so you have to be careful!) and went into labor early Saturday morning. I believe walking really helped start my labor. My son was born 10 days before my EDD.

My water broke Saturday morning and I didn't even realize it. I thought I was peeing myself, even though I had JUST gone to the bathroom 5 minutes before.

If you can't walk outside due to the heat, then go to a mall and walk every inch of it...upstairs and down. You'll be uncomfortable and have to stop to pee often, but it may help get your labor started (even if it takes a day or two).
It never hurts to try! :-)

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oops...it should say "local zoo"

(and this was my first pregnancy that I'm referring to, obviously!)
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Yeah I also heard walking helps but who knows maybe the baby will just come when the baby wants to.
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thanks ladies - i was thinkin a nice power walk could do it! ill give it a go! wish me luck :-)
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If you're dilated your doc can strip your membranes at the next appointment. This works for SOME women, not all. It put me into labor (I was two days from my due date when I had each of my daughters).

Sex, walking, bouncing gently on an exercise ball, taking a bath (no bubbles or salts), nipple stimulation is supposed to help (??? never tried this one personally).
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OMG Joy I could just imagine DH walking in to see me playing w/myself (nipple stimulation) and what the look on his face would be.... PRICELESS!! (he'd probably want to join knowing him!)
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Ha ha! Well DH could always do the stimulating and then sex. That should help labor progress.
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hi there i posted a question about nipple stimulation only a few weeks ago as to whether it was dangerous in anyway i didnt get many replys so decided to give it a go anyway even thow it was bit embarising at first i was five days over due and im not sure if it was that which done it but i had my son two days later hes 12 days old now. of course he  might just have been ready to come out but it didnt cause me any side affects so could be worth a try good luck
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have you asked the doctor about doing a membrane sweep???  If they will do that...have em do it and then walk yourself until you can't walk any more.   Even if they won't do it...walk...i walked a mile every night for the last 3 weeks of my last 2 pregs and went before my due date with both...on my own...(except last i did a membrane sweep).  This time around I didnt have the time nor a good place to walk.  With this having been my 5th delivery odds were that I should have gone BEFORE my due date on my own and I didn't...I honestly believe the lack of being able to do so much walking really hindered me from going into labor.  I too was sick of being sick from being pregnant.  That's why I agreed to induction on my due date...induction was NOT something I wanted...BUT I wouldn't trade the experience for the anything...my labor was short and extremely easy...it was a beautiful experience.

Nipple stimulation as far as i know is not dangerous (in my opinion) While it may bring on a few mild contractions it most likely will not start labor UNLESS you have other factors putting you at risk.  Millions of women have continued to breastfeed older babies while pregnant and you can't get nipples any more stimulated than breastfeeding.  I pumped the last month of my pregnancy in hopes of stimulatin my milk productions...it didnt' to do squat for my labor.  The contractions I felt while pumping were braxton hicks...not enough to do anything.  
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thankyou ladies... i will have to get dh to focus more on his nipple stimulation techniques lol!
Martikadragoon - ur post made me crack up laughing lol...

Im gonna have to grin and bear it I think and start some serious walking! Its just so cold here lately and my little footsies are sore and puffy like I could ***** them with a pin, ouch! Oh well, sneakers on and this lil mother better toughen up and go for a big walk!

Does anyone know if Castor Oil is truly safe and effective?
Ive heard most people say it worked for them within hours and a few say it just made them sick. I already have a very sensitive stomache as I have a LapBand for weight loss so dont know if I should try it. What is some opinions?

Lorri xoxox

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Thanks! I thought it was pretty funny to think of.

Froggy~ Sometimes nipple stimulation can cause your uterus to contract  which can help start labor. But if your early on in pregnancy dont worry about it. cause it's all part of the fun of having sex!

I don't think it would bring on labor unless your body was ready for labor and you were having other signs of it.

if you are far enough to have the baby safely, then you can always try getting a foot massage. Google "Foot Pressure Points for Inducing Labor" or something similar and you can go off that info and have someone give you a foot massage.
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As for the castor oil, I actually posted about that the other day and got some information on it. I also googled it b/c I was bored lol. They say that it will only bring on labor if your body is already preparing for it by itself. For example, it will work if you are 3cm and 75%. But it most likely wont work if you havn't made any progress down there. LOL. I read that it works fast, sometimes too fast. YIKES. One woman had her baby like 2 hours after taking it.

IDK, some doctors recommend taking it, and some don't. I know that it has more success than failures, but you are going to get your people with different opinions on it no matter what.
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Personally I don't agree with the castor oil or evening primrose oil or anything...I've heard too many conflicting things. Castor oil works by getting the bowels moving...and in doing so IF your body is already prepared to beging the labor process on it's own it MAY induce the uterus to contract.  It's really a **** shoot though and many women I've hearda bout who took it just ended up with sore buttholes from pooping so much.  
As for the primrose oil...it's supposed to be a cervical ripener but personally I wouldn't use it unless specifically directed by a doctor.  You don't want to prime the cervix before everything else is ready unless there is risk/benefit ratio condusive of doing so.  Just personal opinions of course but then again....the only sure fired way to go into labor is a) with medical/medicinal intervention or b) wait until baby starts to secrete the hormones that bring on labor.  
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The books I have say that you should never use nipple stimulation to try and start your labor as it can cause very strong contractions.
Here is something I copied from another site:

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, Do old wives' tales for speeding up labor really work?

Does walking help make labor approach faster? What about other old wives' tales? Do they work?

Many women believe walking helps and I have sent them walking in the mall to help bring on labor.

Another approach in making labor begin is sexual intercourse, believe it or not. There is a chemical release from the male that softens the cervix and prepares it for labor.

Old wives' tales include castor oil (which can get ugly), salsa or hot/spicy foods, and nipple stimulation.

Nipple stimulation could bring on contractions. A certain chemical is released from the brain that may stimulate labor. I do not recommend continuous nipple stimulation or stimulation over long periods of time because there is no way to regulate the release of the chemical and you may actually have too many contractions.

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i know you dont want to hear this but sex with you on top lol i tried everything didn't work the only thing left was sex didn't really want to have sex at the time because i was so big but if it was the last thing to try i was going to do it. well long story short my waters broke while on top of my partner wasn't pretty sight lol but i would suggest that good luck let use know what works for you take care x
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I would most definitely not try caster oil, in one of my pregnancy classes my teacher was telling me about a lady that tried that, and pooped all over the doctor.  She had such a loose stool that it basically shot out.  How embrassing.  One of my friends is in school to be a massage therapist and at his school they taught them that when a pregnant women came in to get a massage late in her pregnancy.  they were not allowed to rub there feet in certain spots because it can cause pre term labor.  I am not for sure the spots but I would definitely try to research it a little.  Or just have DH give you a really good thorough foot massage.   It cant hurt to try.  Good luck.
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This is what I found I hope it helps!!

Reflexology to induce labor

If you need help getting your labor started, the answer may be in your feet. Reflexology has been shown to help induce labor and reduce pain during childbirth. In fact, more and more nurses are beginning to learn this specialized type of foot massage and are using it in delivery rooms around the world to ease their patients’ discomfort and reduce the length of labor.

While reflexology is best known as a specialized type of foot massage, it is performed on the hands as well. Reflexology is similar to acupressure because it applies pressure to specific points on the body, but reflexology doesn’t work with the body’s energy flow in the same way as acupressure. Reflexology is based on certain reflex areas on the feet and hands that directly affect the organs and muscles of the rest of the body.

Little is more relaxing than a foot massage, but reflexology is even more effective because it pinpoints the specific areas that will help move you toward a faster delivery date.

Try these points on yourself, and if a contraction begins, stop the pressure. When the contraction stops, apply pressure again. Of course, avoid all of these reflexology points until you are past your due date – at least your 41st week. You certainly don’t want to rush the baby before its time.

Inside Heel. Press this point just inside the heel of each foot. You can’t mistake it when you have found the right spot because it should be quite tender.

Arch of the Foot. This point will also be tender, and it is located in the arch of the foot just in front of your heel. At no time should the pain be very intense, however. Your pressure should be firm, but apply less pressure at first if it hurts too much. You will no doubt find that as the tension releases, you can begin to apply more pressure and release deeper tension. This point is also very effective for dealing with the pain of intense contractions while you’re in the delivery room. Be sure your partner knows this one!

Between the Big and Second Toes. This point is about one finger-width below the space between your big toe and your second toe. Again, when you have found the right spot, it will be tender.

Thumb Point. This point is probably the most effective one for inducing labor. It affects the pituitary gland, which releases oxytocin, the natural hormone in your body which is responsible for uterine contractions. Press firmly on the center of the thumb for at least three minutes. Then, switch to your other thumb.

Reflexology is also great during childbirth, and your partner will feel more helpful in the delivery room if he has learned these techniques. Applying pressure to any of these points will help to reduce your pain while keeping your contractions frequent and successful.

If you use both reflexology and acupressure points to speed your labor after your due date has passed you by, you are almost guaranteed to reach the delivery room more quickly and definitely more naturally.

To get step-by-step instructions to induce labor naturally with acupressure, visit
http:// www. MaternityAcupressure. com (without spaces)
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Wow, I think those accupressure techniques REALLY work! I just tried the heel one out of curiosity and it brought on a contraction. A Braxton Hicks contraction, but hey, I think that means that it works! WOW... If I go overdue, this is what I am going to try! Thanks for all the information!
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