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Everyone at school knowing I'm pregnant ... ?

I'm 18 years old, 4 months pregnant. I'll be graduating in mid may from high school. I am pretty excited about having a baby, as well as my boyfriend. However we can't seem to agree on whether we should tell people at school. My theory is that it's nobody's business at school (besides close friends) to know that we're expecting. But my boyfriend is very chatty and being excited and all he couldn't help but let it slip to 3 good friends (which I don't mind because they're great people) and 1 friend who I don't really know. I got upset because again I feel like it's nobody's business.. but I'm also a real private person to begin with. I guess my main concern would be I don't want people(there's always that one person who has something to say, especially in HS), I don't want them saying dumb about my boyfriend, and especially about our child. I don't care if they talk about me. But I draw the like with the bad mouthing of my family. My boyfriend doesn't feel the same and thinks the whole world should know, and doesn't care about other people's opinions. When we talk about telling people it always leads to an argument and often ends up to where my boyfriend gets hurt and thinks I'm just trying to keep something a secret even though eventually I'll show a lot more and people will notice. I don't know. At 4 going on to 5 months and still looking bloated I would say that I'd barely show. So my question is this, is it wrong that I'm holding back my boyfriend from telling people? Are my reasons understandable at least? Should I just prevent future arguments and let him tell others. Because I won't be telling anyone besides a select few. What should I do?
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I would just limit it to close friends for now. You are right it's not everyones business. People will find out eventually, terrible HS rumors.
I would put it to your boyfriend like this, there is such a double standard concerning sex aND pregrancy. You will get more of the bad mouthing than he does. That's just going to stress you out. So for the best interest of you and the baby keep the news at school hush hush for the time being. Tell all the family he wants though! Encourage him to come to the dr appointments.

Everyone will find out soon enough (maybe you will be lucky and not start really showing till 7 or 8 months like me).

Thank you for your help :)
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Just keep it to close friends..but if u always feeling sick maybe a close teacher tell so there aware of it ... u should be happy that god have u a beautiful gift..and dont stress about anyting who cares what ppl.say there jelly..but ur boyfriend in joy to share together .use are starting a family
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Honestly it's highschool and even if you don't ever decide to tell anyone you can only hide it so long. I understand being a private person and not wanting anyone in your business but once your teachers and the other staff are notified of your pregnancy you'll start to get privileges that other students don't and they'll notice and if your due in may come January you probably won't be able to hide that protruding baby bump you'll be right around 9 months when it's time to walk the stage i'm not saying just let the rumor mill fly and get it over with i'm just saying talk to who your going to about it nowand be prepared for the rumor mill and the stares although they won't last long
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Girl don't worry im a teen mom (17) just had my babygirl October 28th , i told just a few close friends , and then it felt like the whole school find out and its kinda embarrassing but there is no need to be ashamed of your little baby, and everyone ends up being really nice to you! And concernd , there was this one girl would would call me a **** and all this rude stuff & my babydaddy dont go to the same HS so she said i F***** a random guy it got me so mad even tho it wasnt true so i ended up telling her that she was just mad cause no boy in their right mind would sleep with her Lol it shut her mouth right up! But im not very nice if you push my buttons! Just remember as long as you take care of yourself you & baby will be okay!  Good luck with everthing!
lol thanks girl for the advice!
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I just turned 18 and I'm pregnant. I didn't tell a soul (besides my boyfriend) until I was 15 weeks. (I'm 34 now). there is always  going to be people bad mouthing you, no matter what especially in high school. all they can say though is that you're pregnant. but honestly, my baby girl isn't even here yet and she's already impacted my life so much. I can't wait until she's here. you shouldn't be ashamed, you will love this precious baby, it just might take a little while to kick in. I hid my stomach forever. I didn't actually start to show until 7 1/2 months though, before that I just had the bloated look. but I would wear bigger clothes to hide it because I was afraid of people judging me. well now, I'm too big to hide my belly. my advice would be to wait until you're ready. you shouldn't be rushed into telling anyone. I had to tell people on my own time, when I was ready. so just wait until you're ready. it's a big change and girls, of course, are going to talk and bad mouth you, but they all have sex so it could easily happen to them too. and the girls that aren't being rude to you, will act so excited to your face then talk **** to others. it's gonna happen, but the one person you know you can count on is your boyfriend. y'all will be just fine. :)
thank you so much! and my best wishes for you and your family :)
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