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Excessive bleeding after miscarriage?

I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks on Aug 6. It was all natural, as I did not have a D&C or D&E. In the ER, my doc said that it looked like everything was out, she was 'down there' and prodding things (very uncomfy). I bled pretty heavy for about 4 days (starting on the 6th), moderately (like a period) for 9 days, and lightly for 8 days. Then it started being so confusing... just when i thought I was done and things we getting lighter, I would have red blood again, then it would go away and come back, go away, come back.... Then I started bleeding like a really light period for 3-4 days and it went away, now after two days of NOTHING I had red blood again this morning. I know my HCG is back down to nothing, as per the doc. What I want to know is if this might be normal, or if I should call my doc's office.

Other info:
I have two beautiful daughters, I bled for 6-7 weeks after each
My normal periods are somewhat irregular (thanks to PCOS) in length and are somewhat heavy normally
The baby that we miscarried had a cystic hygroma on the back of her neck... no genetic abnormalities.... but her placenta and umbilical cord weren't normal (doc said that based on that, a m/c was inevitable) they had cysts on them and just didn't look right at all especially for 15 weeks.

Sorry this is long. Thanks in advance for any info!!
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Hi!  Very thorough question!  First, I'm thrilled that you have two healthy children! Secondly, my condolences on your recent loss.  Did you actually have genetic testing done (for example on the placental tissue?) It certainly sounds to me like the miscarriage was inevitable, and considering the findings on the baby, and how far along you were, I suspect that there might have been some chromosomal problems.  This is not something to worry excessively about as it is usually "sporadic" (meaning just bad luck-mother nature made a mistake), but I would certainly offer a patient with your history the option of an amniocentesis with the next pregnancy (I would leave that choice up to the parents--I'm not pushy with this test) But I would definitely do a high definition ultrasound (level 3 scan) in the second trimester, and would definitely encourage a first trimester nuchal translucency scan (we can use a vaginal ultrasound to look for cystic hygroma as early as 12-1/2 weeks).

OK--now for your question!  (Long question--long answer  :)  )
If my patient had been bleeding as long as you have, I would have her come in and do an ultrasound to double check that there is no retained tissue. I would also consider a week of antibiotics just to be sure there's no infection going on.  Most likely everything is fine, but at this point, I would want to double check.

Hope this helps!
Good luck!
Dr B
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We did have a CVS done at 14 weeks to check for chromosomal  problems... that's what came back telling us she was normal. We do plan on being very proactive the next pregnancy. Thank you for your answer, I will be calling my doc. :)
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When I had a miscarriage for my first pregnancy at 11weeks I didn't stop bleeding either so my doc put me on the pill and after I was off it and I had a bleed I fell pregnant with my daughter who will be 5 in feb!!  Best wishes...

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