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Excited!!!! / down syndrome

I got my sonogram today!! N this baby tricked us all I'm only 10weeks (due Oct 2nd) and me n the hubby love my new doctor. He is hilarious!!

He gave me a referral to get the baby tested for Down syndrome just as protocol. Has anyone got their baby tested? And how did it go?
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That's a little early to get tested. I don't get tested till 17/18 weeks. That test is time framed it can only be done within a certain amount of weeks
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I dont understand why anyone would get the test. My dr says they are pointless unless someone would actually want to terminate their baby bc of the results. He said if you cant do anything about it then why go through tests for it. He got all my respect as soon as he said all that
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Personally I wouldn't get it done unless they find something on your 20 week anatomy scan that is cause for concern. They tend to have false positives so there is no need to worry yourself unless they find something that should cause them for further testing. It's also very expensive so call your insurance to see if they even cover it or not.
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the test they do can cause miscarriages which is why I refused to have it done.
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The test does not cause miscarriage unless you have a amnio (the needle in your tummy) it is just a scan on the back of there neck and a blood test.I had it done with all three of my pregnancys,and i am glad i did!If i had not had it done this time i would not of found out i have a problem with the placenta which they found out in the blood test they did with down syndrome,which if i had not known my baby and i would not of been looked after aswel as we are putting our lives at risk!
Personally i wanted to know if i was going to have a baby with down syndrome,I would still love her the same but if she had down syndrome and i gave birth and did not know the shock would of took over the joy of having here here.You only get an option of a amnio if you are high risk and you do not have to have that done,i know many people who were high riak and had the amnio and were ok.I personally would never have the amnio but everyone is different.
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I was told to schedule n 2weeks. He said its an altra sound (3D) no needles no blood. They check the back of the head and the nasal. I would never terminate my child regardless of the results but I would be more prepared if I found out my baby does have Down syndrome. So we decided to go threw with it  
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my doctor told me that the test is mandatory for women over 30 cuz they are more high risk and that they just have to offer it to everyone else cuz its not completely necessary less you know there are high chances, but even then it's not really a must. I didn't get it don't cuz I heard it can be a little risky and painful. but it's definitely a personal choice.
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i guess it depends what kind of testing they can do ultrasounds witch everyone loves to see there baby they can do an amio witch i woudlnt' want to do with the needle or they can draw your blood so for us we did do the u/s cause it was another way i could see out little peanut
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If its your NT scan its fine to have it done and its a sonogram that measures the thickness of the fold behind the babies neck. It also measures the babies nasal cavity. This test along with simple blood work rule out the chance of your baby having downs. That's all it is. It's nothing invasive or threatening to the baby.
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That's where they found ours was at the anatomy scan. His nuchal fold was above average and I was told he had a 1/63 chance of having it. I went ahead and had blood work done after that and everything came back normal. They normally check this stuff anyways.
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I denied the test because it won't matter to me I will love my baby no matter what, I would definitely not terminate the pregnancy because of a result that might not even be true
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I got the test done and for me as a new mom I wanted to be prepared with raising a child with down syndrome so we would be extra prepared. .I have no experience raising a child let alone one with special needs...idk if im saying it wrong or coming out bad lol I hope everyone understands where im coming from
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I had it doe was just a blood test no harm to baby.or I would of refuesed me n my partner just wanted to be prepared for any possibilitys
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My first part of the test screening was 14-15 weeks then had a second part few weeks later. Both were blood draws.
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It's completely normal and better to have done, you may not abort your baby but you should be prepared physically and with knowledge to take care of a baby with down syndrome. It's routine, nothing to worry about! :)
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