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FTM question about formula..

To mix formula it says to boil the water first,  is it ok to boil like 1 or 2 jugs and store in the fridge? Then mix wen I need it warming it in the microwave?  Otherwise how on earth do people do night feeds?
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My doctor told me with both my girls that the microwave gets the milk way to hot and he suggested that I put the bottle in a pan of water on the stove and skin test it every 5 mins or so. it takes forever but it works
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I think its fine to put water in bottle for like like 15 seconds. Because it will be room temp already put ur finger to see if too hot or its fine then add the powder...
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So you boil the water each time you feed? Or store in the fridge and then warm up?
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I boil, store in fridge, fill bottle, reheat in microwave then add formula.
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I heard it's not good to heat them in the microwave because certain parts can get hotter then others and it can burn baby's mouth!!! I would put the bottle in a pan of warm water or what not.
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My little girl is 10 weeks, I boil the water and fill 6 bottles, add the formula and then store in the fridge.. It can be kept in the fridge for 24 hours, my baby eats every 3 hours so 6 bottles does me all day and then I make more for over night and early morning.. I heat in the microwave just make sure you shake it really well so there's no hot spots and test it on the inside of your wrist before feeding :)
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Thankyou for all your help mummas xx
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Why don't yu just buy the nursery water in the jugs??
Or if yu don't wana buy them just buy one then when yur baby finishes that or almost does just boil water & let it cool down then dump it into that water & leave it out.
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Sorry, but why can't you just use warm water from the tap? Wouldn't you only boil the water if it was contaminated?
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Get a bowl full of hot water and just put the bottle in there until it gets warm. It's not good to put it in the microwave it gets too hot.
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I bought a big flask that keeps water hot or cold for 24 hours and then got a different one to put in the fridge. That way I just had to boil the water once a day or so. You just put maybe half hot and half cold or whatever and then add the formula..
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Nursery water! Why go through all that trouble? Also-y not invest in a bottle warmer and keep it by your bedside for easy late night feeding?  Just some suggestions ;-)
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I formula feed And buy nursey water. I Don't even heat it up in the microwave... There's no need to.
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Id never heard of nursery water until now, will look into it but it doesn't look like you can get it where I live (perth wa) ... I like the idea of boiling, preparing and warming up later seems much easier!
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Its just purified water..
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I used to buy bottled water bottles and just leave it at room temperature and mix the formula like that. My daughter ate perfectly and had no problems with it. It was easier than warming it up every time.. especially if we were out and about
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I just used filtered water or water bottles. I never boiled it. I would understand boiling if you're using tap water. And you can buy a bottle warmer. But rather than using the stove you can take a bowl and put it in the microwave to heat the water then sit the bottle in it for a couple minutes.
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I have 4 kids and have used warm tap water with all.  My 3rd was in NICU for a week and that is what they had me do.  So I figured if the nurses there food it, it was fine.
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Sounds like your doctor is just being really cautious. My doctor always said to use regular tap water because babies need the flouride in it. But not well water.. he said there is no need to boil tap water, the cities do so many tests on it all the time to make sure it's safe for thosands of people everyday, probably more than most bottled water companies do.  if your in the U.S. it should be just fine. Don't waste money on nursery or filtered water
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I have always used the 2.5 gallon jugs with the spout. Either drinking or spring. Store brand. Left on counter and was perfect temp. I won't drink tap water so I won't give to my babies.
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Boiling water isn't really necessary, tap or not. Breast milk isn't sterile, formula doesn't need to be either. Obviously if you have an older home with lead pipes you wouldn't use tap water, but other than that there is no issue with it.
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Warm tap water is perfectly safe. I have done it with with my 2 older children and I am going to do it again.
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We just bought jugs of nursery water or regular water and left it sitting on the counter at room temp. It doesn't have to be warm.. my daughter does perfectly fine with it at room temp.
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Thankyou everyone, i will definately be boiling the water as i live in wa and im pretty sure the regulations here state that it needs to be boiled. even if it doesnt, im abit too much of a worry-wart to take a chance!
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