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I thought we'd try yet another fantastic, fun weekly post! I thought a Fun Fact every Friday would be a wonderful way for everyone to get to know one another better. Every Friday a question will be posted and you have to answer it! It may be something as simple as, "What's your favorite color?" to something complex like, "Was your childhood good, bad, or ugly?"

So today's Fun Fact Friday question is...................

................ WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN?!
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Since I found out I was pregnant...

"Fun" for me is being at home, reading, and just resting!

Prior to the pregnancy, I LOVED to go out, go dancing, and have cocktails with friends..Travel, and waste money on nonsense like that!!  =P

I like this WAY better than the weight tracker thread! =)
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For fun I LOVE TO READ! I'm such a nerd!

I also blog, write books, and scrapbook.

My MIL taught me to crochet during my first pregnancy. So far all I can make are baby blankets!
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Honestly, not much.  With all the kids and me working full time, there just isn't much time to do things and I'm really tired on the weekends.  I really like to read but I haven't in a very long time.  I like watching General Hospital (ha ha), but I don't do that much either.  I record it everyday, but I had to delete all of May's episodes earlier in the week.  I knew I would never have time to catch up on over 2 months worth of episodes.  I will be off all next week.  Taking some time off but I will just be at home so maybe I can catch up some next week???

I like to watch Food Network with my girls.  They call it "Cooker Shows".  It's so funny but believe it or not, they have their favorites on there.

My DH works a lot also, so he is normally only home on Sundays.  He is usually catching up on some much needed rest and I am usually doing laundry and things to prepare for the next week.

Oh, we do like to grill outside!!!

Pretty boring I guess :)
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FUN??!??!?!  People still DO THAT???  Gettin on the computer is really what i do for fun.  I don't have time for the things I like to do like reading or crafts so I settle for a little computer time occasionally.  I do get a big kick out of some of the things my kids say and do...that's a ton of fun :)
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For me the fun really only consists on the weekends these days, as my job seems to sap every bit of energy from me!

We love to take off with our canoe and combine fishing and beer! haha. Well now that we are getting more serious about TTC the beer part has been cut down on my part (not so much DH! lol). And my 5 and 7 yr old love to fish as well so it's alot of fun!

But sometimes I just love to stay home under a blanket, watching movies or reading. In the winter I LOVE to snowboard, which I must say is something I will really miss this winter if all goes well..... :)
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I make other people laugh. I think that everything I do, no matter how serious, has some fun to it.
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Before I was preggo, DH and I liked to go places.  We don't have alot of money so we usually would throw a tent in the car and camp out (with an air mattress of course).  We like to go to state parks and go hiking, fishing, etc.  I like to read while he fishes.  Some people don't realize how much beauty they have so close to their home.  People should visit state parks more often (at least I can vouch for Ohio), even if it is a day trip.  Ohio has some awesome state parks.  DH and I found one that was only an hour away from where we live that had caves and water falls, that we never went to until after we were married and in our 20's.  

We also like to go to baseball games (I love my RED's).  
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i love doing lots of activities.  i love going out with my lady friends and having dinner and drinks.  well no drinks since i became preggers but def still dinner.  i am going to the red sox game this saturday evening.  i have tried not to let pregnancy hold me back.  the other day i went out on our boat with the fiance.  i just can not do the fun things like tubbing on the back of the boat.
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TRAVEL!  I love, love, love to travel constantly. My hubby and I try to get to Europe or someplace out of the country once a year.  Our most recent trip was in December to Africa. :-D
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Fun time is on the weekends. During the week im all pooped out. Getting up at 6am to be at work at 730am sure isnt fun anymore, since all i do is toss and turn all night & get up about 3 times to pee.
So i love to scrapbook, i havent in a while since its all put away right now since we should be moving soon. Hubby & i love to fish, go camping, go on hikes, stay home be lazy :) & rent movies. We both love to read so we get our books or magazines and chill for 30 minutes in bed before we hit the lights.
Before i got pregnant, we did enjoy going out to the bars having some drinks, and i love love to dance. I can be on dance floors for hours.
We like having get togethers with friends & have BBQ's.

*SIGH* wish i was in bed right now being lazy...so tired!!
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hmmm... well l LOVE to read. i read every night before i go to sleep. and i really enjoy just playing around on my computer and watching reality shows on t.v... i know.... BORING!  haha... im a homebody for sure.
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i love to hang out with my friends and my kid and boyfriend. and of course my family, im big on family they all live around here so i visit my mom and sisters all the time.  im also addicted to myspace LOL so i get on there..and we love to bbq during the summer!! :)
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