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Family & friends ?

I'm overdue and scheduled to be induced on Tuesday... Me and my mother do not talk - grandma has been mom - anyways my grandma is sooooo annoying on people being at the hospital . I don't like other people in my area . I don't even like people coming to my house - even family . She on the other hand keeps telling me " oh your so weird " " we all know what you want " " that's not normal " " they love you " blah blah blah . BUT I don't want anyoneeeeee at the hospital . No one . My boyfriend / babies father , my grandma , grandpa , little brother and his mom .

What are you all doing ?
Because this is so stupid and it makes me angry . I think it's because I'm a teen mom or something . Idk . I try to tell her people do this and she insists that no one does . So I wanna show her things other people do .
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Its going to be me and my boyfriend. Thats all i want. I dont think its right to take the experience away from him.
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I feel like you may want someone. Its not going to be an easy process. Even if they are in the waiting room. Just tell them you dont want anyone in the room as of now but if you need them you will call. So that way if it does happen where you need somebody they will be there for you.

Also. You never know if the pregnancy is going to be smooth. It could be extremely difficult. Something bad could always happen.
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Im having my boyfriend and my mom in there with me. I dnt want a bunch of ppl in there but my mom and him for support. Plus like taylor said i think he needs to experience it with me
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I feel like mom dad and baby need time to bond. And establish a new since of family.

You never know what you will want. untill your there and its happening. I like being alone too.
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My fiancé is gonna be the only one with me. I invited my mom but she said it's a special moment that my fiancé and I should share alone with baby.  She'll definitely be in the waiting room, along with my father and possibly brother.
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In the room while I'm having him , my grandma , his mom . I mean like after the baby is here I don't want my whole family in the hospital room . I wanna wait til I'm home
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Ok. That makes more since!! The way i took it was you want to really be ALONE. Its normal to want your time to yourself. Do you plan on having the father there?
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Just tell everyone they are free to visit after baby is born. And you want to just rest and bond with baby when your in the hospital.
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Ya i agree with u on that. I knw that some family is guna come see the baby but i dnt want a whole bunch of ppl in the hospital when we are just meeting our baby.
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I'm doing a homewater birth so iit'll be my midwife, doula, husband, and my mother unless my mother's outta town for work then my aunty will take her place. My mother in law wanted to be there but I don't want everyone in my face while I concentrate so we don't plan on telling them until I'm far into labour and letting them know they can come when baby is out. Same with anyone else those above mentioned are the only 4 people I want there while I birth my child.
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Yes the father will be there too .
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Thank you all! Now I feel like I'm not being selfish and weird like people keep telling me .
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It will just be my fiancée and I. My mom would be in the room but she lives out of state, and is coming when we get out of the hospital to help me at home. A lot of people think its weird I don't want more family or friends. I think it should be an intimate moment for my man and I to meet our baby boy. This is our rainbow baby after losing our daughter.
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The only person I want in the room is the father. I think its gross for anyone else (family or friends) to be in the room while I birth my child but that's just my opinion. But I want everyone (all friends and baby) to be in waiting room :)
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My hospital only allows 3 people in the room during delivery due to safety and distraction reasons. Even so, I'm only letting daddy in the room with me until a good hour after baby is born. I don't want tons of people coming in before I can bond with and feed baby, and get at least a shower and change! Plus they do checks on you after delivery, and I don't want anyone in there while nurses are poking around my business area! Stick to what you are comfortable with or you will just get stressed out. :)
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Just to clarify, by "daddy" I mean my baby's daddy, my husband... Not my dad :)
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