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Feeling really low today?!


Sorry if this sounds like Im feeling sorry for myself but Ive never got to this stage in pregnancy & just the last few days I have started to feel down-like I can't be bothered to even get dressed in the morning? I haven't been sleeping so that isnt helping but I just can't shake it.

Has anyone ever felt like this in the last weeks of pregnancy? Im 34 weeks.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank-you in advance.

Freya xXx
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Ok so I just checked on here for replies & I didn't have any so I started to tear up??? This can't be right? I hate feeling like this-just want to go back to being super excited?!
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I know exactly how you feel, I am 34 weeks and 4 days.  And i dont feel like getting dressed or cleaning or putting make up on either.  At times I feel like such a slob, but sometimes I feel as if Its okay cause I have a reason.. lol..  Im sorry you feel that way, and I hope it gets better.. Keep an eye on it so it dont go to far, Id hate for you to end up with post pardom depression.. Try working on the babies room, taking care of clothes, washing bottles, and blankets, maybe shopping alil, thats the only thing that makes me happy lol.. Good luck to you, and if you need to talk Im always here...
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I have one word for HORMONES!!!!!!!!!! They will get the best of you believe me! I know how happy you are for this little one to arrive, but sometimes just the shear fatigue will get the best of you!

Just like Amanda said try to do something fun to left your spirits and make Ollie spoil you!!! The end is near and you will be so filled with joy you will burst!

Hang in there girly!
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Hang in there! I, too, have days like that. Im almost 38 Weeks. Ive done so much shopping and nesting to try and lift my spirits that I dont have anything else left to do but wait. LOL.
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Thank-you gals.
I just hate feeling like this-the more I try to feel happy the worse I feel. Im due to see my midwife next week I might mention it to her.
Thanx again xx

Rachel-what makes it so hard to understand is how much I know I want this baby & that I should be on cloud nine all the time but Im not?! Oli doesn't get it-he is scared of talking to me atm. I think I will sit down with him tonight & show him this-so hard to tell the ones you love how you feel. Thanx xx

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I'm not as far along as you yet, but yesterday, for some reason I was SOOO emotional, crying for no apparent reason. Before you know it your LO will be here and you'll have every reason to smile! Hang in there!
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Thank-you, makes me feel like Im going to be a rubbish mummy-If I can't even cope now? Anyway see how everything goes.

Thanx again xXx
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im right there with ya. im 35 weeks and this last week has been the hardest, im so depressed, i dont know why, i just want to cry,, its so hard, i think maybe being so tired but not been able to sleep probly has somthing to do with it..
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I agree, im 35 weeks and feel totally depressed as well...and i dont get it because im so excited for this baby to come! but i just feel awful..like sleeping all day long only when i try to sleep i cant. im just not in a good mood at all....dont feel bad, we're all gonna be great mothers i think maybe this is just the mopey stage lol....hopefully it ends soon and we can all get back to feeling cheerful!
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Yep, completely normal!  Even for those of us who love being pregnant, around this point it's like "Will this ever be over?!" not to mention your body is just completely exhausted and getting ready for the big event.  Hormones too play a part.  Try to focus on getting those last minute things done, even if you only get one small thing done each day, LoL.  Write them down and cross them off (plugged in baby's lamp-- check!)  so you feel that accomplishment.
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Feeling a little better today-Just trying to take everyday as it comes.
Thanx for all your comments :)

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