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Feelings of Urination...

Okay, so I have been feeling like I have to urinate constantly, even after I have just gone. Is that normal in pregnancy? I'm only about 8 weeks along. I just didn't know if it was normal or if it is a urinary tract infection?
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UTI's are common during pregnancy. When you have the urge to go right after you just went does only a little bit come out? Does it burn when you go pee normally? Peeing more is normal during pregnancy, but I don't know if it's normal at 8 weeks or not. Either way, discuss it with your doctor so they can check to a UTI just to be on the safe side.
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Omg I have the same thing! I'm further along then you but it's so annoying! It doesn't burn or anything
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As you get farther along it can be the baby pushing on your bladder, but I don't know if at 8 weeks if the baby is big enough to push that much pressure.
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Frequent urination in early pregnancy is related more to the extra blood being filtered by your kidneys. I'm not sure if you should have to go so often so early. That just started for me about a week ago, and I'm 19 weeks. If there's no pain, I don't really see any need for concern.
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Sounds to me like you have a UTI. I have got them pretty much my whole life and they are very annoying and they don't always have to burn when you go. It could be the baby as well but being that your not that far along the baby is really small now. I would just go to your doctor and make sure its not a UTI because they could be harmful to you and the baby. Good luck with your pregnancy!
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I am 9 weeks along and have had that pretty much since i found out i was preggo...my doctor check for a uti and i dont have one...ive already had two ultrasounds because im high risk and i could literally see the baby was pretty much right on my bladder so that could be what it is.  But as always see what your doc says to be on the safe side.
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That happen to me too and turn out it was UTI.
You should let your doctor know and get it check out just in case. It's not a big deal, I was on antibiotics for a week and that clear it. It's common.
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Thank you so much! It doesn't hurt when I go at all, it just is always there. I thought it might be my uterus because its exspanding but than you for all your input!
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