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Finally had my first OB appt

So yesterday was my first prenatal appt, at 12w2d. They went over all the information I had either asked here or researched on my own. They did all of the normal very uncomfortable physical exams (i swear it was a man that invented the speculum no woman would ever invent that torture device) And then they did the u/s that I had been oh so nervous to get. I have had all the crazy freaking out what ifs for the past month, what if my baby is not alright and so on. Well it turns out DH and I have a little ninja baby! he/she was doing acrobatics and kung fu moves, it was absolutely amazing, i dont remember her telling me the the heart rate i think she said around 150. She actually got an ultrasound picture of the baby doing a kick with one leg to the side and it looks like he/she is doing a jump kick haha. I can finally breath a little easier, hopefully i wont freak out this month before my next appt. Just thought I'd update everyone since as most of you know I've been freaking out for the last month haha. Ill be sure to scan the u/s pictures as soon as i can figure out why my scanner isnt working. my patience has been really short lately and it was late last night when i tried doing it. It almost ended up with me stomping it on the floor haha. Anyone else had this during pregnancy? where it seems that most of your patience has gone out the window?

Hope everyone else is doing good!
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Congrats! I am glad to hear everything went well at the appointment and that you got to see your little one. Isn't it amazing to see a human being moving inside your belly and that you created him/her! I hope for a wonderful rest of your pregnancy!
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It was so amazing! he/she was moving all around like a little gymnast it was so cool! Im so relieved its ridiculous i feel like i can finally enjoy my pregnancy more than i have so far, My morning sickness is finally receding.
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Oh how sweet!!! LOL! Ninja baby!
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I think we have the same due date.. Jan 9? or are you due Jan 10?? Congrats btw!!
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Well im really not sure, the first due date at my first u/s was jan 10th and then at this one at 12 weeks they said jan 6th, everytime i get a u/s done it keeps getting earlier and earlier! She said i could just keep jan 10th as what would be my due date so. So my due dates the day after yours!
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Yay! Glad you got to see the baby. I'm anxious for my 12 week appointment. I've never been a person to need reassurance. Pregnancy has changed that!

Do you have any feelings about what you might be having? Are you going to wait till the birth or find out early?
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I have a feeling that its a girl but that may just be wishful thinking haha, i helped raise my siblings and they were all boys. And we are going to find out what the baby is going to be, Dh has a son from a previous relationship (my darling step son that i absolutely adore who I've become his mother since dh and I got married, biological mother is MIA) so this isnt a first for him but it is for me. We're very excited to find out, to see if DSS will be a big brother to a brother or sister. When do you get to find out?
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Awwww a little Ninja!!!!  Congratulations!!  I just had my first 6 week appointment and I feel like the next appointment is years away!  I can not wait to see my little munchkin in action.
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