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I am a 23 year old female who stopped taking ortho tricyclen recently. I stopped taking the pills on the 25th of June and started my period on the 27th of June. My husband and I had unprotected sex on 2 days during my period. My family has a history of being very fertile. I am having what could be signs of pregnancy and my doctor said that my uterus felt bulky on one side. He scheduled me for an ultrasound next week. Could I get pregnant that quick? I had just had my "pill" period on the 19th (started then) and it was normal. Technically, I would have been ovulating around the date we had sex, but I had what I thought was my period. It lasted for 6 days like my normal period before the pill did and was not extremely heavy, painful, or abnormal. Could I get pregnant after having what could have been my period? Could I get pregnant that soon after getting off the pill and while I was on my period?
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Most likely the symptoms are from coming off of the pill. It would be extremely rare for you to ovulate right after stopping the pill. However in order to get an accurate reading on a pregnancy test I would wait 2 week after bd-ing or until around July 27th.
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Well,  It does take people a long time to get pregnant after stopping the pill, as it did with our second child-  but our first child was a product of missing a day while on the pill!  So,  you won't know until you can test!  Good luck!
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Your body reacts diff from being off the pill. But even though most people don't believe this, and pill companies do not tell you this but there is a small chance of breakthrough ovulation while on the pill and since you just got off it you can def get preg. But im not sure if you would expeirence symptoms so eary. I guess it possible. Good luck and let me know how it goes.
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Ok... so no offense to those saying it's hard to ovulate or get pregnant right of the pilll.

That's just NOT completely true. Some women have no interupptions starting their cycle again and will ovulate like normal once they stop taking the pill. (that's how ppl get pregnant when they forget a pill.) The women in my family also are very fertile.

I was on the Depo Provera shot which plays games with your period way more than a pill ever will. Some women take up to 2 yrs after depo to get their period...I got mine the next month I was off the shot and the dr. said if I wanted to get pregnant I could've right then within that first couple weeks off my shot.

When you have an ultrasound next week, if you have conceived by that time the only thing they'll likely be able to see is thickening in the uterus lining.

I didn't see ANYTHING on my ultrasound until 5 weeks... and then it was a TINY Sac. Then at about 6 1/2w we saw baby and the Heartbeat.  At 12 1/2w we saw the baby moving and kicking around.
Good luck!
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It could be your body reacting to coming off of the pill.

If your uterus feels "bulky" I doubt it is because of a pregnancy. Your uterus doesn't feel much different in early pregnancy up until about week 9. Then it starts to noticeably swell (via your practitioner's external or internal exam).
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Its not impossible for you not to be pregnent. My mother got pregnent with my youngest sister the night she stopped taking her birth control... but I do know that your changes of concieving when your on your period is improbable but again not impossible
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