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Food aversion, when will it end?

I'm just curious if anyone else has food aversion? It's been pretty extreme with me this last week. I weighed myself the morning I got a positive HPT (6/02), as well as two days later, and I was 134. But during the last week, I've hardly eaten a thing. I weighed myself this morning and I'm down to 130.75, so I'm a little concerned.
The thought of eating anything makes me cringe and think, "food--eeew!" Everything makes me feel nauseous, and if I eat anything, I get indigestion. I have morning sickness almost every morning and I don't even want to drink water because I am so nauseous. It's painful--my stomach feels like it's tied in knots around itself all day and night.
I am eating, but not much. I just have zero appetite. Even smells make me want to vomit. Nothing is appealing to my appetite anymore.
I read on another site that in the first trimester that you're supposed to eat up to an extra 300 calories a day on top of the recommended 2000 calorie a day diet.
I seriously think that for the last week, I've only been averaging 900 calories a day, give or take. I have to force myself to eat and then focus my mind on not throwing it up. It's awful. I'm not sure what to do, and if this is normal or not.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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It does end sweetie.  Probably as you make it through to your second trimester.  I remember the only thing that I could eat was french fries and rice.  Try anything that is binding like pasta, rice, potato, bread.  My doctor said don't worry about whether it's fattening like french fries, as long as you can eat it and keep it down, then eat that.  Stick with the carbs, at least that's what worked for me.  If you eat pasta, avoid the tomato sauce, but you can put a little butter and garlic or just eat it plain.  Good luck, it will pass.
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Thanks, mami...I've just been a mess this last week! I had a HUGE appetite with Trevor, and ate anything all the time. I was always hungry and craving something.
I have found that the only things that don't make me unbearably nauseated are like what you said, binding foods and carbs. Of course, that doesn't help with the constipation issue, lol.
All I've been able to hold down lately has been breads, oatmeal, pasta, and raw snap peas. But even then, I only eat small amounts before I start feeling sick. I can't wait for this to pass!
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Eat whatever you can.  They say that every pregnancy is different.  Well for constipation, what worked for me and I actually craved was frosted mini wheats cereal.  The fiber made me go every day.  Plus, it tasted good also.  I remember eating it at the end just so that when I went into labor, I didn't have that fear of going on the table...lol.
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I"m 7.5 weeks along and have been having some food aversion, too.  I'm completely turned off by sweet things - I only want salty...and then mostly just carbs (pasta and toast are a-ok).  I can't stomach the thought of eating fruits...especially berries.  I have been throwing out so much food lately!!  

This is my second pregnancy.  The first time around, I had mild nausea, mostly in the morning, which subsided very quickly.  I remember not wanting peanut butter (which is normally my favourite) and asparagus...but otherwise I was fine with everything else.  This time, I've been feeling nauseous off and on at various points throughout the day and have vomited once nearly every day in the last week.  

I hope that you start to feel better soon :-))
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At this point eat whatever doesn't make you sick. With my son I didn't gain any weight until I was 22 weeks and that's when my morning sickness or all day sickness I like to call it, finally went away. With this one it went away completely by 20 weeks. Hopefully yours will fade early on in the 2nd trimester! I ended up eating a lot of carbs in the 1st and 2nd trimester and finally was able to eat and drink like normal when it went away. Water at that time was a no-go. So I would water down iced tea or juice and just do that. Constipation was a big problem for me as well so I would drink warm tea (which was so hard to do) and eat raisins...that usually did the trick.

I really hope it passes soon for you! I know it's no fun!
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I felt that way with my last two pregnancies in the beginning. It will pass. Just try to get down what you can. It lasted for me until about 20 weeks or so with each pregnancy. I got to a point where I couldn't eat anything but crackers for a little while. It's normal to lose a bit before gaining anything. You'll get over it just hang in there and try to get whatever down that you can even if it doesn't taste good if you know you will be able to keep it down eat it. As chantal said tea is real good. Only just found that out with this pregnancy. I can't drink enough tea, I use the tea bags and made Jaison get me a tea maker. Yeah! I get sick when I drink anything else. Even water. but saltines and plain wheat cereal should be good. I like wheaties and raisin bran and shredded mini wheats. Try that. Not so great when you're living off of it cuz it's all you can eat but it's easy to keep down. Maybe try anything with wheat. I just realized that was all I could keep down during my 'sick' time.
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Thank you all for the advice. This pregnancy has been a whole new set of feelings for me with sickness and nausea, because like I said earlier, with my first pregnancy, I experienced mild nausea but never once lost my appetite. I was so hungry all the time. But this time around, it's like a chore to eat.
Yesterday was a good day. I had almost no nausea and a complete appetite for normal things. This morning, though...back to feeling sick and bleeehhh.
I've never been a tea drinker, but I'll have to give that a try. I'm sure there's a chance my tastes have changed now that my hormones are all over the place, lol.
Thanks again, ladies. :-)
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