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My son is 19 months old and has been putting together two to three word sentences since he was about 12-13 months old. He says more than 30 words (haven't counted in a while) and now says "what are you doing", a four word sentence. It's not completely clear it's more of a "wha uh you doin". Just curious as to what others' children are saying at their current age. He uses phrases correctly, like thank you, and tells the dogs to "knock off" when they're being loud. I've been looking up toddler vocabulary online and it seems like DS is advanced for how he uses words, and phrases...He can also count to three, he says one and two correctly but not always three, he'll put in some gibberish once in a while for three. He can also say "a, b" and sometimes c...how can I teach him to use phrases correctly, count, and learn his abc's? I'm trying to find ways to help.
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the best way to teach him is to keep talking to him! Talk while you do things, while you play. Count as you climb stairs, sort socks, etc... You can easily teach your child colors, shapes, and counting without actually setting out and sitting down to do it. All you need to do is keep talking while you're doing everything. Also be sure to use descriptive words (the big red dinosaur is the daddy, the medium green dinosaur is the mommy...).

You son sounds like dd who was talking 7+ word, complex sentences by 2. I stopped counting words by 18 months when it hit well over 200. I couldn't keep up. She's 2 1/2 now and still won't shut up! She did know all of her colors by 2, and some shapes. She was able to count to 20. What was impressive is that she can actually count objects, and not just say memorized counting numbers. All of this through just educative and creative play. Same toys and games everyone has in their home, just with interaction. I teach 4 and 5 year olds, and she is more advanced in some of these skills than some of my students. They are smart kids, but it seems like their parents missed wonderful opportunities to play with them and help them learn.
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I think you sometimes need to be careful about some of the resources that have target milestones - kids vary so greatly that these can often be way off and that doesnt mean your child is either above or below average.

Jazmine is 19.5  months old and probably has a vocabulary of 100-200 words (I have lost count) but rarely strings more than 2 words together.  She can identify over 20 body parts, can walk up/down stairs and throw a ball.  According to some of the literature some of these things shouldnt happen until after 24 months old but she lacks in other areas.  Just like adults, kids will have areas they excel in and others that they will take a little longer to master.   Your son sounds completely normal.
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Your doing great!  Just talking to him and reading can help!  My son is 21 months old, we've read to him, talked to him etc, yet he's not saying much at all.  He has a hand full of word he know's, but he just doesn't care about talking.  He's well above average in moving around/climbing, etc, but talking is the only thing he's behind in.  Kids will talk when they are ready, and as long as you are encouraging them that's what matters.  

For us, when we try to talk to our son, he doesn't talk, but if we aren't talking to him he'll start talking to use (then we talk back and he stops talking, lol).  

What I like to do is sit down with my son and we "play" we'll count, talk, etc.
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My daughter is just barely 2 and she speaks all sorts of words. She can also count to about 10 (with any object) and knows most of her letters and can spell her name. This is all just through interaction with her like tiredbuthappy said. I also bought her some alphabet cards and she'll look through them all day and ask me how to say the ones she doesn't know. She also likes to help me put the dishes in the dish washer and things like that and I'll say one spoon two spoon three spoon four spoon etc until she catches on. The other day I handed her a cookie and I accidentally broke it into thirds and she said, "One, two, three? Three cookies!!!" Its the little things that teach them.
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at her 15 month check-up my daughter was given the social/speech level abilities of a 2-year-old by her pediatrician (not sure how accurate that is but it made me feel good for the rest of the day,lol)...when he asked me how many words she had, I didn't know exactly, so we went through a list and he stopped me at 50 and I was still going. HOWEVER...I was verbally gifted as a child, and my baby's a girl (who generally learn faster verbally but slower physically), so it's hard to compare her to what you might expect from a boy at her age, or near her age.

But she can identify all major body parts (including her bum..although she reaches down under her crotch to get to it, LOL) and can follow instructions without gestures such as "Get your sippy cup. it's by the kitchen. no, on the chest." or "hand mommy that. no, by the door. yes, that's a bra. thank you!"

she can point out any of the items in her book that you ask her to, and clearly speaks several phrases such as "Whach'a doin?" and "Kaykay drink, pleez?" and, much to my chagrin, after much repetition she's picked up the phrase "no that MONMY's boonk(book)". (and no that wasn't a typo. she calls me monmy).

she can SAY 1, 2, 3 but not identify the quantity yet..and we haven't really started on the alphabet but she's got a little fridge toy that's introducing her to the sounds.

at this stage as long as you don't notice him plateau-ing or regressing verbally just concentrate on introducing new ideas and words and let him pick it up at his own pace :)

i would just like to ask a question of my own...can anyone's kids use the "sh" or "ch" sounds yet?? Oddly enough, one of my daughter's first clear words was Ashe (because of our bird, who she adores) and when I told her pediatrician that he didn't believe me until she said it to him..I understand that's a really hard sound to master and I really think it's bizarre that she chose to work so hard on it, when words like "mommy" come out more like "monmy" and "daddy" is most definitely "dallee". just thought I would ask because I think she's just weird and doing it on purpose LOL.
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Ashelen~~~DS can say cheese. I can't think of an "sh" word he may have used besides the four letter bad word. (DH and I had to cut back on a couple words...DS definitely picks them up quick) OH! He says "it's hot" and it's more like "ish hot".

The only thing DS hasn't done early according to all the websites I've read about developmental milestones is walking. He seemed afraid to walk on his own. He finally did when he was 11 months old, but would walk around holding your finger from about 7-8 months. It was so funny actually, we'd hold our hand down by his side so he wasn't using us for balance at all, he just had to hold our finger until he got brave enough to do it on his own. He rolled over front to back 3 days before turning 3 months, he rolled back to front at 3 months, started crawling at 5.5 months, sitting up alone at 5 months, crawling off his belly at 6 months, pulling up to standing and "cruising" at 6 months, crawling onto furniture at about 7-8 months, he's been going up and down stairs holding onto the railing since he was about 13 months...he kicks balls, has thrown them since he was 10-11 months, he drinks from an actual cup since about 15 months...he can unfortunately unlock our sliding glass doors to the patio and open them, and will shut and lock them back when you ask. He can put leggos together (the big ones). He can name some body parts, and is starting to get the hang of going pee pee on the potty. Counts 1-3...I don't just go off the websites, I have several friends with children that are 4 months older to a year older than DS.  
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IDK I don't think Kahlan was cruising at 6 months..and she just learned to throw a ball..But like I said I would expect her to walk slower and talk faster, LOL.

He definitely sounds on target to me, actually ahead. But unfortunately the only real comparison I have is my nephew who is ridiculously behind..he goes to daycare all day and has since his 2nd birthday, so he gets absolutely no one-on-one teaching from his parents, and you can definitely tell the difference between him and my daughter...

I know it's really wrong to compare kids, but in a lot of ways they're at the same level; her at 16 months and him at nearly 4 years, and it frustrates me because I know he's bright, he just needs focus and attention from ONE or TWO people, not a bunch of teachers and babysitters all the time.

I just want to say that I have got to be careful what I jokingly teach my daughter..she just pointed to her chest and said "boobies!!!" sigh. This is gonna be one tough teenaged girl someday.
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Oop I need to add before someone gets offended:

I'm not saying daycare is a bad idea (although I won't choose it for my kids)...my problem with my nephew is not that he's at daycare, it's that his parents consider daycare a substitute for their own interactions with him, and when he's not at daycare he's with a babysitter. his dad takes him for a couple hours one day a week to play at a park and other than that he's with other people.

phew didn't want to step on anyones toes I have no problem with daycare, lol
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I know what you mean. A friend of mine has a three year old who doesn't talk much, but the doctors recommended him going to daycare to become "socialized". I have two other friends in the same boat, except one of those boys doesn't go to day care. So two two year olds and a three year old that don't talk much, and one almost two year old that doesn't pronounce things correctly and makes sounds for some words. I think the problem with him is that his parents say "yes (insert correct word)" when he makes the sound, if Elijah points at something and makes a sound I'll correct him and say that's a _____. And try to get him to say the word. We like to play a "can you say" game when we go somewhere in the car, which is exactly what it sounds like. We'll ask him to say a word, and we'll ask him where the car/bus/helicopter is. Oh, and I just remembered because Elijah is playing with one, that he says shoe but it sounds more like sue. So he can/can't pronounce "sh". We're trying to teach Elijah to say chest, he hasn't yet. But he does say "belwy" for belly. But he'll point to it. What drives me nuts though, is he says "huh?" He's starting to get the "th" down, he says bath, sometimes it comes out as basth.
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One thing I wanted to add, DH and I under no circumstances what so ever use "baby talk" with Elijah. We always use adult words.
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Yeah Kahlan says basth too, LOL...and she says "huh?" which drives me NUTS! I'm trying to get her to say "what's this?" but instead she goes "huh" or "hmm??" and points to something..Totally my fault.

I teach pretty much the same way you do. "What's this, Kahlan?" "yes ma'am, that's a shoe...where does the shoe go?" is another one.

Like I said Kahlan being so determined to learn the "sh" sound is just her being weird..and she is..TOTALLY weird. she's in this new head-butting phase that is about to drive me out the window, LOL. I never know if she's going in for a hug or a head-butt and, I'm not gonna lie, her head is huge and it HURTS. We're working on it though. We will be done with this phase by the time her brother gets here, or she will be wearing foam padding all day.
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OMG I was about to say the same thing!!! When my nephew flubs up I always say "No, we do not do that because it hurts. You wouldn't want someone to hurt you, would you?" and my in-laws always say "he can't understand!" and I always say "well not if you don't teach him to understand...."

so it's exactly the same theory. the only baby word we use is "binky" for her pacifier, because for some reason I don't like the nickname "paci" LOL
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Yeah, that's a phase Elijah's still in. He likes to head butt you, and he thinks it's funny even when you tell him "ow, that hurts"...then he does it more. So we thought if we did it back and he felt a little pain from it he'd stop...yeah right! He laughs and keeps doing it. He's definitely a weird one...he'll bang his head off stuff sometimes...I don't know if that's just a baby thing or what, but when DH and I would go out to have a smoke he'd stare out the door and once in a while he'd bang his head on the door...I don't know if it was for attention then since we were outside and he couldn't come out, but he's stopped doing it now, he just head butts us.
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Yeah I'm so ready for the head-butting to STOP. she's made me see stars so many times..once or twice she's even done it hard enough to hurt herself, and I'm hoping it'll phase her...nope. She just cries and goes back to doing it. Here's hoping it stops soon for both of us...lol
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I agree. You would think if it hurts they'd stop...
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i have pretty well raised my niece n she was taught by, we bought the magnets of letters  and numbers n she can count and say the alphabet and when she wants sumthing we made her repeat after us what it was till she learnd on  her own. Shes is 2 yrs now n can tlk like an adult, no exaggeration
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My son is going to be 19 months on Friday and he has been talking clearly with an extensive vocabulary since 13 months. He has a vocabulary of well over 200 words, he puts 4, 5, and 6 word sentences together and he can count to 10 and identify letter when we point to them. He cannot say the alphabet all the way through yet but he is getting there. His doctor put his speech and vocabulary on the level of an advanced 3 year old and every time we go somewhere (he is a tall boy anyway) people think he is much older than 18 months. I think your son most certainly sounds like he is on a fast track. I think the best thing we can do to enhance their vocabulary, knowledge base, and enrich their lives at the same time is to pay as much attention to them as possible. I decided to stay home after Max was born and I have never regretted it. My niece was born 1 day before my son and she only mumbles a few words and points and grunts to get what she wants. I think you are doing great and you should just keep up what you are doing. Read constantly, talk to him constantly, quiz him during play time, etc. Max and I always have little conversations together during playtime, he will tell me what he is coloring or building and I will compliment him and encourage it as much as possible. He knows what book he wants to read and he goes to the bookshelf and sorts through all of the books til he finds the one he asked for. I think the best thing any of us can do is to just engage them on a regular basis to keep those gears running. Your son sounds like he's definitely a smarty pants!
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Thank you. You little one is very smart! Elijah is the same as him, very tall, he's 35 inches tall, I'm more than positive by the time he's two he'll be over three feet tall. I can't believe how tall he is. My husband is 6'6'' tall so he's taking after his dad rather than his shorter 5'4'' mom. I've tried to find flash cards with letters and numbers but the only ones I've found are addition or subtraction. I may go to the store this evening to look for some again, but I live in Korea right now so we're limited to how many things we have access to. I don't have a printer or I'd make some, I don't trust my artistic skills to draw out the letters and numbers, lol. We do have counting and letter books but Elijah doesn't like to sit still long just yet, he's a very busy boy! I'll continue reading and counting with him and see how good he gets, I'm hoping by two he'll recognize letters and numbers. I taught a kindergarten class a couple years ago (early childhood class in high school) and I was amazed! I was learning letters in kindergarten (I already knew them but they taught them when I was in kindergarten) and now they have these 4/5 year olds writing sentences!!! That's why I'm really big starting to teach Elijah early, and any other children we have. I want him to be prepared when he starts school.
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Yes it seems as though Elijah is quite a smarty pants as well. My husband is 6'4" and Max is 33.25 inches so we both have tall boys on our hands! And I'm guessing yours is just as inquisitive as mine. Always has something to do and always interested in something new I imagine. Max doesn't sit down from the moment he wakes up until the moment he naps or goes to bed. As far as the flashcards, I found some great ones at a store near my house but I bet you could find them online. They are by Eric Carle. He also got some great ones for Christmas, one set is by Leap Year and it contains 4 sets of cards (Alphabet, Shapes and Colors, Numbers, and First Words. He also got this little briefcase called Teach My Toddler which has flashcards, board books, foam puzzles, posters and a bunch of other stuff. The website is www.teach-my.com. The briefcase is especially cool because of the books and the foam puzzles, it makes Max feel like he is actually playing while learning instead of just sitting down looking at pictures. Anyway, I hope you have some luck finding any of the sets I mentioned, they are really great and it sounds like Elijah will enjoy them as much as Max does.
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