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Freaky Coincidences

Hey all! Gosh it feels like forever since I have posted an update into my little world. I joined a website that helps me track my nutrition and fitness (for FREE) and it has helped me lose 4 lbs in ONE WEEK. It gave me my recommended caloric intake based on my weight, height, age. It also gives you recommended fat and carb levels, too. So I can use that tracker to stay within my limits and it has helped tremendously! Plus I'm eating MORE (go figure! Eat more and lose weight). Apparently I wasn't eating enough before.

Anyway, February is coming up. I'm started to get mixed feeling about waiting to TTC because if we got pregnant in February we'd be due in October (almost to the date we found out we were pregnant with the baby we miscarried). October is my favorite month, February is my birth month (so I'd know as a birthday present if I was preggers or not).

So I'm trying hard to stay focused on the task at hand. But I know when O day comes up I'm going to be struggling with, "Should we..?" or "Should we wait..?"

Knowing me, we'll probably BD for the heck of it and see what happens. LOL! I'm so serious. I'm a throw-caution-to-the-wind and do-things-your-own-way type of person for the most part.

I guess I'll just see where I'm at weight-wise. Predicted ovulation is anywhere from February 1-14 (Happy Valentine's Day, hubby!) since my cycles will probably be messed up from the miscarriage. Maybe by the 14th I'll have lost 20 more lbs. That would make me a happy camper because I wanted to lose at LEAST half of my goal before TTC again. It would put me in the lower 160's (pound-wise) which is perfectly acceptable to me!

I'm really long-winded and talkative today. Don't mind me!
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Put caution to the wind and go for it! Congrats on the weight loss thats wodnerful news! May I ask the name of that website? I found ***********. c o m to be very helpful as well!

Good Luck!
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ok nevermind I guess I cant post a website name here. lol
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I saw go for it. :)
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wow. I can't believe I mistyped a sentence that only has 5 words.

I **say** go for it! :)
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amy-put a space in the website then they wont bleep it out.
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I say go for it as well, you want another baby so why wait!!!
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s p a r k p e o p l e . c o m is what I was trying to say haha
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That's the website I'm using Amy. LOL!

Malia--- THAT is hysterical! Sometimes I misspell the silliest things, too!

I'm pretty sure I probably will go for it when the time comes. Knowing me I won't pass up a good opportunity to conceive!
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Now that is a freaky coincidence LOL
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That website sounds great, do you mind me asking what the website is?
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Good luck with whatever you do Joy!
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So glad you joined us Joy!! and congrats on ur weight loss! i'm still struggling with this too im am sooo tempted to go in there and take my fertility vitamins again! I feel like im de stressing now since moving and im losing weight and i feel loads better!! Me and DH said we would wait  since we need to get settled but if i could get my O started again that would be awesome!! LOL IDK what do you think? I just moved 3 months ago do you think i still need more time to bk on track?
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yay Joy! lol I say go for it too...why not? I love the site too! I've been doing really good with it too!

s p a r k p e o p l e . c o m

WOoH! I still don't think I've lost any weight but I feel skinner! And more energetic. Been keeping up the excersizing too! Its tiring but totally worth it!
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spark people in great.  it helped me realize just how many calories i was intaking each day and it even helps give you what you worked off if you put in your exercises etc.  i might have to srat using it again once i have Jaedyn which will hopefully be within the next 5 weeks.
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Oh thats great Joy!
And I also say GO FOR IT! Everything happens for a reason so if its bound to happen, it will! Why not try!

And talk about coincidence...with my first Pregnancy that ended in a M/C...that baby would have been due 5/28/08 and guess when I found out I was Pregnant with Caiden? Yep 5/28/08 exactly to the day! Took a test that morning and BAM. So I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I wish you the best of luck in TTC!
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TY Guys!! i love Spark people too!! I have lost 10 lbs with them!!  So all yall who are there its wonderful and you will lose weight!! I was wondering if the vitex would cause any weight gain? I am working so hard to get fit and healthy and get rid of the excess lbs and i dont want to gain any bk!! unless of course i was actually PG lol!!
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Congrats on the weight loss so far! I know when I started tracking my calories on the livestrong website I found out that I wasn't getting enough food in the day also. It's amazing when you eat well balanced meals how much of a difference it makes in losing weight.

I would go for it, but in a relaxed fun way. I'm not really shocked that we got pg in December because it was the first month that I was too busy to pay attention to trying to get pg. Maybe if you don't try and instead you just take it easy and bd for fun you might get lucky!
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Are you and your husband still doing that challenge?
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That site sounds great, and it rocks that you've been doing so great with it!  ...so I'm gonna check it out!  I'm already less than a pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but I had gained about 30 lbs before I got pregnant, and would like to go back to the 160s!  =D  Hopefully that site will help me too!  =D

My miscarriage 'anniversary' is four days away ... but now it probably won't be as upsetting, because even tho that pregnancy did not go as planned, we had another three months later that produced Jaiden!  It's just weird how certain days/months can coincide like that tho.
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I have never used that website nor have I heard of it but Ihave some weight I would like to loose as well and I will be taking a peek! Thanks for the website and BTW Joy do whatever your heart is telling you to do! God Bless!
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Wow, thanks for all the responses.

gokuangel- as everyone else is telling me I will tell you- GO FOR IT! Why not? If it doesn't happen then that's still one more month to continue working out. I'll keep working out right up until I get a BFP, for sure!

Gina- Caiden is the name hubby picked out for a son if we ever have one, too! I adore the name! I got pregnant right away after my first miscarriage and Abby was born within a few days from the anniversary of finding out I was pregnant with the little one I miscarried.

So that's why this would be a freaky coincidence if I got pregnant this next month. I'd be due when I found out I was pregnant with the little one I recently lost. Gives me butterflies to think about but it may not even happen!
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Don't think too much about it, honey; go with what feels right! Good luck!
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TY Joy!! Thats great advice and good way to look at things!! NO MORE EXCUSES!!! I will continue losing these lbs and getting healthy till my time comes!!
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I am going to jaoin as well Thanks for the great site ladies!
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