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Full bladder for Ultrasound......

I go for my first u/s tomorrow which I am so excited about!! I will be just about 12 weeks. Well, I called the office, but they just closed and my appt. is first thing tomorrow morning. I know I have to have a full bladder and I am not sure how much I am suppose to drink and how long before my appt. I should drink it. Anyone have any ideas? I had to do this with my son, and I can't remember. Thanks for any help!! =)
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Drink about 2 cups of water about an hour before you have your appointment.  
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They usually say start drinking water 2 hours prior to the appointment.  Total consumption before appointment should be 4 glasses.   I had 2 glasses within 45 min (while driving to appointment) and I was hurting.  Had to pee really bad by the time I got to my appointment.
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That is so funny.  When I arrive at doctors office, I first have to pee in the cup, give blood and then I see my doctor who does U/S.  I live in Germany and have never ever have I been told to have a full bladder for the U/S but in the US for some reason that is standard!  
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I didn't have to have a full bladder for any of my u/s.  I am 22 weeks and have had four already.  I think my bladder is always full anyway anymore!  Good luck on your appt though!
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An hour before your appointment you should drink 32 ounces of water within 15 minutes. I drank about half of that because I just couldn't get anymore water down in the time alloted and my bladder was REALLY full. So get down as much as you can!
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I cant remember how much I was told to drink but I can tell you that I couldnt keep it in and had to pee 10 min before the US! My US was delayed by 1.5 h too and I couldnt imagine holding on for that long!  Didnt seem to make a difference but I was told that it helps w/ resolution with the early-on US's.
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Thank you ladies!! I guess I will start about an hour before my appt. I remember with my son, my bladder was about to burst as I was laying there having the u/s! I hope it's not too bad this time! lol. I have been having a problem drinking just water and that much would be torture..but I will do my best! Thanks again and I will update you all tomorrow afternoon! =)
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I went to get my ultralsound done yesterday and on the piece of paper that they gave me when i made the appointment i was told to drink four glasses of water an hour before the appointment. Hope this helps you and good luck!
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Thanks Jay! Now that I think of it..I am pretty sure that is what I did when I was pregnant with my son. I will drink an hour before and hope I don't burst. haha
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I didn't over do it with water for any of my appointments this time around. With Noah I drank the recommended amount and the tech let me pee half way though the u/s cause he could see how full I was. With my last one I drank 2 8oz glasses 45 minutes before the appointment and my bladder was plenty full, I didn't feel like I was going to burst.
Have fun at your u/s!!!
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I remember with my son, they didn't let me empty my bladder halfway through...but then again I was only 8wks...could that have been why? I wonder if it's really full tomorrow, and I feel as though I will burst, if they will let me know empty it...since I will be further along this time around. Hmmm. I guess we will see. I just remember with my son it was VERY uncomfortable feeling like I was going to pee right there all over the tech. lol.
Thanks GRose!!
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For the last 2 or 3 of my kids, I have not been instructed to drink water before the u/s.  Infact, they have me empty my bladder before they do the u/s.  So, IDK...It must vary depending on where you get it done.
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why do you have to do that? im 12 weeks and have had about 5 u/s and have another today and they have never told me to have a full bladder. Im just curious why you have to do this
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You know, now that I think of it, the only u/s that I had to have a full bladder for was my 20 week u/s where they measure all the organs. The other few u/s that I had done there was no instruction to have a full bladder, in fact that had me pee in a cup before a few of them. I would call your OB and see if you have to have a full bladder for this one, that way you wont torture yourself with a full bladder of you dont need to.
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Yeah, for the early ones, I have never had to have a full bladder, but even for the 20 week u/s (with my last 3 kids I believe) I haven't had to drink water before those either.  They would have me empty my bladder before doing the u/s.  Maybe it just depends on where you get it done and what type of u/s machine they will be using etc.  

But Chantal, I don't think you will need to do the water thing this early on.  
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Your welcome Chantal21... juts let me know how it went. Hope it went fine. Take care.
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I didn't have to have a full bladder either chantal as a matter of fact they always asked me to use the bathroom first so I wouldn't have to go during the u/s I guess... It's really weird how different doctors do things so differently but they all studied the same things!
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I drank an Aquafina bottle of water 1/2 hour before the  appt.  I always had to pee anyway so I felt like my bladder was always full!  Good luck!  Very exciting!
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Oh wow...so a lot of you didn't have to drink water before your appt?? How lucky! The doc said to make sure your bladder is full...but...when I was getting the u/s done, the tech never asked if I drank water or anything. She didn't seem to have any problems either. And thankfully...I drank about 20 ounces and I didn't feel like I was going to burst! I think their u/s machines are kinda old...so maybe that's why?? lol I have no clue. But the baby is big and full bladder or not...She found the little bugger right away and had no issues. I'm not sure why they make you fill your bladder most times, especially the further along you are. With my son, my bladder was bursting, but also at 8 weeks they did an abdominal u/s. Did you ladies who didn't have to drink water get an abdominal or vaginal?? I remember one u/s I had (I miscarried that baby) I had a vaginal u/s and I still had to have a full bladder! And when I had my 3d/4d at 29 1/2 weeks I had to have a full bladder! Weird. Every u/s I just mentioned was done by a different doc in a completely different office. I'm confused. lol. Oh well!! I guess all docs are different...it's just the ones around here insist on having a full bladder....haha.
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They've always asked me to pee before the u/s, it doesn't matter my bladder is full within 5 mins anyway.  I could drink 2 tablespoons of water and I'd still have to pee 5min later.  But they've never asked me.  I think that would be extremely uncomfortable specially them sqeeezing your belly with the us device, I would protest.
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I've heard that they ask you to have a full bladder to try and minimize the movements of the baby while taking measurements.  They've always taken my measurements with a full bladder then did the rest of it with an empty bladder.
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Mumita...it is uncomfortable, for sure. With my son, I thought for sure I would pee right there on the table! I think for my 3d/4d if they ask for a full bladder, I am going to ask why and see if I don't have to drink as much. It just makes the whole experience....not so pleasant and relaxing.

roke...it's weird, I drank a lot of water before my appt. and the baby was moving all over the place. I don't think it helped to minimize the movements with this active baby. lol. That's the first time I've heard that. I need to really ask next time.

Thanks Ladies!!
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thats weird, i never have to have a full bladder, infact, they always ask if i need to use the restroom before my ultrasounds....
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ugh today I had to go and get another u/s done... I'm still kinda worried because they had to check my babys heart again. i dont really know why. I guess Imma just have to wait for the results. And once again they made me drink 4 glasses of water omg i hate that ****. Well I did as told and when i got there they had me waiting for at least an hour. Bad enough i already had to pee when i got there so jus imagine waititng another hour for them to check you. ugh doctors i tell. Well It was too the point that i couldn't hold it anymore so i went to the bathroom and peed. but i didnt empty my whole bladder i made sure i just peed alittle bit. lol i don't know how i was able to do that cause i really had to go i jus wanted to empty my whole bladder but knew i couldn't. Then i continued to wait and this time i had to go again omg... i couldn't hold it, it was to the point that i couldn;t even walk straight lol. so my b/f told me to just use the bathroom again. well i did and then on my way out i heard the nurse call out my name and she was standin right in front of the bath room door. oh boy she told me i hope u didn't pee... and i told her i did jus a little bit even tho it was alot i just didn't want to hear it. so i kinda lied. and she was like well i hope it was and i told her well yeah i had to use the bathroom i've been here for all most an hour ya had me waiting and i could'nt take it much longer so i used it. i was so happy when i did... lmao it was the best feeling ever ..hah hah... then when she was checking me she was like.. good mommy you have a full bladder even tho i dont know how when i let almost all of it go. i don't really know whats the whole purpose of drinking so much water especially an hour b4. ughhh i guess it's just to see the baby better i have no idea. but anyways i hope my baby is alright.... can't wait for the results. anyways just wanted to share my lilttle story with ya. since it deals with getting an u/s done.
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