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Funny Baby Brain Stories

So we all know when pregnant sometimes our minds don't want to work. What's YOUR funny story?

I'll start. I work with the ARC, residential. To clean the one tub we fill it up with cold water, pour two cups bleach in and turn the jets on for 15 minutes. Well. I forgot to turn the water off. First time in over a year I have ever done that! I was embarrassed! Thankfully my boss thought it was funny.
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Made my husband a bowl of cereal, put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal box in the fridge while he sat n watched me...
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I was meeting my friends downtown in my hometown and I told them to meet me in front of a movie theater because we were gonna eat at the restaurant next to it. Well I told them to meet me at the arlington which is a good mile from the metro 4 we were suppose to meet in front of -__- I waited for an hour before they realized I had a brain fart and figured out where I was. They got there and I was so.upset since I was so hungry and I was like seriously! They then informed me on my brain fart.
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I was filling out paper work for wic and forgot my last name and social security number lmao it took me 5 minutes to remember.
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I'm a philosophy student, and I keep forgetting words when I'm making points in tutorials. I'm okay with the big ones like metaphysics, finctionalism, epistemology... but words like also and then the it.. yeah I forget those.
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I'm a nursing student in my clinicals and we were taking a pharmacology test and I forgot every single one of my conversions..... I sat at the back of the room and cried because I couldn't remember then like 10 mins left I remembered and wrote them all down real quick and went threw the test as fast as I could.... I got a B on it but I went flying threw it lol.
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Oh you poor ladies! I feel bad but i did laugh!
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We had just finished dinner and I was putting the dirty dishes in the fridge.
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I spent 20 minutes the other day looking for my car keys. Turns out they ended up in the freezer when I got something out of it earlier that day.
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My darling boyfriend took me to my appointment last Friday (this is a baby brain  about him! It's contagious!) And the trick wouldn't start. We got someone to jump it, but our battery kept sparking and catching fire! It took him 20 minutes for someone to tell him the writes were connected wrong (red on black)on the ladies car, even though he checked it like 5 times... Haha
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Atleast once a day i put my babies due date instead of the days date hahha everyone is like ehhh May 2014?!?! O_o lmao
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I was packing my fiancés lunch for work and I had tossed in a salad and all his other snacks in but forgot to add a fork for his salad and he called me during his lunch break and said he couldn't eat it because he had no utensil lol /.\
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I got hungry so I walked into the kitchen looked in the pantry and fridge and freezer. Forgot why I was in there and walked out. I did that 3 times before finally getting food. I hope it gets better. I'm enjoying it bc its giving me exercise.  I also have gone to grocery store 3 times in 1 week bc I kept foegetting things.
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