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Gabe's Grand Enterance :)

Ok...so L & D finally called at 1 pm on Tuesday to say they had a bed available.  We got there, got registered and I was settled in and had my IV in by 1:30.  It took them 3 tries to get my IV in because my veins kept blowing up...so that sucked.  At 1:45 the nurse checked and I was 1 almost 2 cm and about 40% effaced (same as i was day before).  They started the pitocin drop right after, starting at 2 mg.  Once that go into my blood stream the contractions started coming consistently about 4-5 mins apart and strong enough to feel them but nothing that made me have to stop talking or anything. Over the next several hours they periodically increased the pitocin until I was at the full 20 mg at 6 pm.  Still contractions were 3-5 mins apart but still no more than a 2-3 on the 10 scale.  Nurse checked me at that point and I was only 2-3 cm and 90% effaced and baby still about -2 station.  About 6:50 I suddenly felt a pop and a thud at the same time and thought WTF??  I didn't have any fluid leak or anything so I told my husband, that it hurt like heck but didn't know WHAT had happened.  Well contractions IMMEDIATELY started getting more intense...they shot up to about 5-6 and were coming every 3 mins or so.  I sat up becuase it was sooo much easier to breath through them sitting rather than laying.  As soon as I had my first contraction after sitting up I started leaking fluid so I sent hubby to tell the nurse my water broke.  She did a swab and confirmed it had. My doc had ordered my epi after I hit 5 cm but the nurse said the anasthesiologist was already in the hospital so they were gonna go ahead and get it done.  Thank God they did, becuase things went FAST after that.  Doc came in to do the epi about 7:15.  Contractions were coming 2 min apart and hurt like crazy...about a 9 at this point. Doc had a hard time getting epi to take to both sides so it took some prodding around to get it going right.  By 8 epi was fully in and effective on both sides...and I told the nurse I wasnt feeling pain but was starting to get a lot of pressure in my bottom.  She checked and said I was fully effaced and 8-9 cm.  So she went to call my OB to come in...I told her to tell him to leadfoot it becuase the pressure was getting a lot worse.  she came back and checked me again right after calling Doc and I was a complete 10 and baby was coming down.  She said that my docs partner was on the floor in case my doc dind't make it in time.  At this point everyones running around, breaking downt the table, getting me into the stirrups and what not.  Hubby is breaking out the camers and my other kids are getting all excited.  Nurse said to let her know when I felt I needed to push and we'd do a practice run to see where I was at.  So, we did, I did 3 10 count pushes and she commented that she could see a head full of dark brown hair.  About then, doc walked in, suited up, sat down....first set of pushes brought baby down, second set he was crowning, the first push of the third set got his head halfway out...OUCH-RING OF FIRE!!!...2nd push got his head all the way out and third push along with a lot of tugging got shoulders and the rest of baby out.  

At 8:28 pm Jacob Gabriel made his grand and rapid enterance into the world.  He immediately peed on the doc as he made a few wimpers.  When the nurse took him over to clean him up he let out a healthy yell to say "LEAVE ME ALONE" .  At that point Dad was busy manning the cameras and all three kids had gathered round to welcome the newest addition to our family...and Gabe promptly started peeing in the direction of his brother..lol...a few minutes later my 5 yo, Abby had come around the other side of the bed to announce "He's got a BIG penis" which was immediately followed by an outburst of laughter.  

Gabe was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20 " long.  Head circumference was 13 1/2 cm and chest was 13 3/4 cm.  He is identical in length, weight and looks to my older son Zach when he was born.

I'm gonna post some pics tomorrow so keep an eye out.  I will however attach one to this post so you can all see my handsome little man.  I have some better pics on my phone, but haven't uploaded them yet.
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sounds like a non to tramatic labor! and hes soooooooo cute!
grats sweety!
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Congratulations! He is sooo handsome!
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I love kids. This is so amazing...I smiled while reading this...and I am glad to see that mom looks like she is doing great. Keep us posted please.
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Aww what a cutie =] congrats sounds like you had a great experience. LoL that was to cute, kids say the dardest things!
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i can only hope my labor goes so well!!!

he's so cute, and the nurse wasn't lying about that dark hair, was she???
another congrats to you guys, and 1 just for daddy(every man is proud his son has a big penis lol)
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Beautiful birth story and he's a beautiful baby!!! Congrats, momma!
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what a beautiful baby boy and story congrats enjoy your time with the lil one :)
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What a beautiful lil boy!! Congrats!  Seeing that face makes all the pain and trouble well worth it doesnt it?
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what great story...congrats and enjoy your little boy
284738 tn?1283106819
hes beautiful!!!! congrats
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Congratulations,he is adorable.......
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what a cutiepie!  an ouch-free ring of fire!!!  that's great :-)  and so funny that he peepeed on doc!
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Thanks everyone.  We're all still kind of in awe and can't believe he's already here.  I will say that for those of you who have NOT delivered yet.  Make sure you have THREE sizes of clothes....preemie, newborn and 0-3 mos.  ATleast one of each in your hospital bag.  I had several different outfits and even tho he was less than an ounce shy of 8 lbs he was too little for all of them. The one I brought him home in had to have the pantslegs and sleeves rolled up.  LOL.  I went and go him some newborn size stuff last night....STILL too big...So now I have to go find some preemie stuff that fits him lol.  Those baby gowns are a wonderful thing too....just roll the sleeves up a little and one size fits all....and babies look so cute in them :)

362408 tn?1236441081
Hes so cute!!! Congrats to you all
408496 tn?1269603350
He's adorable!  So cute!!!!  I can't wait to meet my son! This is my first, so I am glad you posted the whole L&D process.  Thanks!
354219 tn?1259981842
congrats he is beautiful...
550546 tn?1249410039
Yay!!  Gratz on your baby boy!!!  I loved your story and your daughter's comment on his big 'equipment'.  I busted out laughing.  =D  It's a good thing I'm alone in the comp room or people would think I'm crazy!

I hope I have a smooth delivery like yours, but this is my first, so it'll probably take me a while.  But I definitely look forward to holding that cute baby when it's all said and done!!

Congrats again on your beautiful son!!
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He is adorable!!!!  Congrats!!!!!!!!!!  I know how ready you were to get him out already :)
489798 tn?1270476475
CONGRATS!!!! Hes adorable!!! Are you feeling better now???? Oh and your right even though hes a 8 lber, like both of my kids were, he will be in preemies a lil while. My kids were in preemies atleast two weeks and in newborns for atleast 4 weeks
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Avatar universal
He's precious!!!!  Congrats!!!
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He is beautiful and i am soooo jealous you had such a great labor.  I am having a c-section but would have dearly loved to experience what you did.  Congratulations i am very happy you are doing so well and your little man has finally arrived.
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Me next me next lol!!!!!

Congrats on your lil cherub hun hes gorge!!!!!

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Congratulations on a beautiful baby and a speedy delivery (considering)!
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