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Gabriel is Here!!

So Gabriel was born last night at 9:58p.m.! I went to the hospital and doctor said my cervix was very favorable and my bag of waters was bulging so she broke them at 5:15p.m. I am still at the hospital and exhausted and busy so I will post the birth story later....I'm just so excited!!!!!
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Congrats! Can't wait to see pics! Good job Mommy!
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Congrats!!! Can't wait to read the birth story.
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YAY!!! Congrats!! Another September baby! Can't wait for the story and pics!
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Sorry took so long. Just got sleep for the 1st time since Thursday...things have been rough with breast feeding. I have the milk but he isn't latching like he should and so he cries a lot when I try to feed him because he gets frustrated. It's really hard because I know I have the food for him I just am having so much trouble getting him to learn to latch. We've had some really good feedings too, though...they just aren't consistent.

My parents coming over later so will do the complete update then :-)
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Just saw this, CONGRATS!!! Glad he's finally here!
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I know your frusteration abuot the not latching.  I've had the same problem with my kids.  I try really hard to get them to latch and it just doesn't work and my nipples get soooo sore.  I finally end up just pumping and bottle feeding.  Hopefully you guys will get the hang of latching and it will work out.
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Aww this is great!! Congratulations to you and your family!  How exciting! :D  Can't wait to see pics! :D
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LosingMyMindInGa: Thanks, I hope so too. I tried pumping last night and I don't know why but my milk wouldn't trickle down into the bottle part. It didn't seem like it was working even though I knew my milk had come in so I took the pump away from my breast and saw that the milk had just pooled around my nipple (in the breast shield area). I don't know if it's because my nipples are "weird" of if I'm just not doing it right but it was disappointing because I wanted DH to be able to bottle feed Gabe while I slept.

Des_a_rae: I was all excited about getting pics up because I finally got to my laptop but I can't find my cord to upload the pics to my laptop!! I am going to look for it later but right now I am just relaxing with baby asleep on my chest :-)
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Ok; so at 5:15 the doc broke my waters. I walked around for about an hour and got the contractions going really well. By 7pm or so I was lying in the bed with horrible back contractions that came about every 2min. The doc checked me and I think I was at 6-7cm and 100% effaced!

After another hour of being on my hands and knees with back contractions (and no epidural) I got checked again and the doc tried to turn the baby because he was "nose up" or something...but that's why I was having the back labor I think. I can't remember how dilated I was, though. By 9:10 I was 9cm dilated and 90% effaced but the baby's heart rate kept dropping because his cord was trying to come out 1st and everytime I had a contraction it cut off his oxygen and blood supply. By 9:15pm or so I was being rushed off to have an emergency C-section. The doc had to sit at the end of the bed with her had in my vagina holding the baby in so that he didn't try to come out (and thus push on the cord). THey gave me a shot to slow down contractions and then I had to lie there on the table and wait for the anesthesiologist who wasn't picking up his phone....that part sucked because the contractions were so strong!

Baby Gabriel was born at 9:58pm 7lbs 10oz and 20in long on Sept. 23rd
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Oh my gosh. I am so happy that both of you are ok and doing well! I would have been terrified!
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Awwww!!!! Congratulations!
Any improvement on the Latching process yet??

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That sounds scary! Glad everything turned out ok.
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oops i just realized i put 9cm and 90% effacedi meant 100%.

SantanL- i just had a really successful feeding at 11am. it seems like i will have 1 or 2 good feedings and then the rest of the day it goes downhill. The sucky thing is he will do one boob 4 like 20min and then fall asleep when i burp him...i try to wake him up to do otherside and he either doesnt wake up and is hungry an hr later or he gets cranky and it takes about 20 to 30 min to get latched and started. i feel like all i do is breast feed (or try), but at least he is eating and sleeping....just in such a way that mommy gets no sleep
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i was actually pretty calm. i think by that point i just wanted him out i didnt care how it happened, lol. It wasnt until afterwards that i realized what a scary situation it was.
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Oh wow! Congratulations!!! Thank Goodness you both are ok.
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