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Gardening while pregnant?

I am a parks and gardens apprentice. This means that I'm doing physical labour 4 days a week.

I am trying to get pregnant, and I'm wondering if I can still safely exercise this much until I'm three months pregnant. I don't want to have to quit my job as soon as I get pregnant, in case I miscarry.
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Your body is used to it, I assume? You can work throughout your pregnancy in physically demanding jobs unless you develop complications and your doctor tells you otherwise - I went to 38 weeks at my job when pregnant with my son, caring for completely dependent residents in a nursing home - lifting, repositioning, bathing, changing, dressing people who were often bedridden and unable to do much of the movement on their own - pretty heavy work, and I did just fine. It's safe as long as you don't have other issues. You don't have to quit your job - at the beginning, or at three months.
Good luck TTC!
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Always check with your doctor, but you can do it. Just wear gloves all the time and don't over exert yourself. I am not sure why, but I have read pregnant women are not supposed to garden without gloves.
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I have a huge veggie garden and I grow strawberries and a whole bunch of flowers and im usually out there for 3-5 hours at a time. I dont always use gloves but I advise having something comfy to sit on and drink Lots of water and take short breaks to walk around once you are pregnant. Especially in the heat! I am 30 weeks in 2 days and I have a heartbeat doppler I like to use make sure baby is fine and I personally havent had any problems except it will wear you out lol and doc said if I get sore to take regular strength tylenol so you would be fine....no heavy lifting though...I have had bad cramping because I try to be macho woman.
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Found it. To the lady above who doesn't wear gloves... You may want to. You won't know if your baby is not harmed until born. Better safe than sorry! Increased risk for toxoplasmosis. See it here. Outdoor Cats could pee in the garden, then u touch it while gardening. http://www.babycenter.com/0_toxoplasmosis-during-pregnancy_1461.bc
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Thank you all for your helpful responses. I feel much less paranoid about the exercise affecting my baby.

The toxoplasmosis I have heard about, and it is definitely a concern. Apart from the gardening, I also own a cat.
The only way I can think of dealing with this is wearing gloves and washing my hands more often.

I have read up on it a bit, but I am still confused as to weather if I already have toxoplasmosis (I think it's quite likely, due to my lifestyle), would it still affect my baby if I came into contact with it a second time while pregnant? Or would my body be immune, so it wouldn't spread?

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Yh at some point if u had before u gt pregnant u gt nothing to worry abt coz than ur body its immune, bt its not really abt having cat hun just while ur pregnant dnt clean cats litter other than that u safe. All best x
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That's a good question, lion!! In not quite sure though. Have you talked to your ob about it? I would think as long as you take the precautions as you have been with gloves and hand washing, you should be ok. Good luck!!!
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I will talk to my doctor next time I see her. Thank you for the luck! Good luck to you two!
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