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Soo i am white blonde hair green eyes as is my mom my gma ONE of my sisters and my boyfriends whole.family is light skinned dark brown hair and brown eyes their chicano. I was wondering what peoples opions are if brown genetics are stronger than white? I am having a baby girl if it matters lol
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Im not sure what you mean by "brown" genetics. But dark eyes and hair is a dominate trait in both males and females. Light hair and blue eyes is recessive. If theres a chance he carries blue eyes/blonde hair in his genes there is a chance for your baby to have those traits. But it sounds like you both carry the brown eyes/dark hair traits so most likely that is what it will be :)
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According to genetics, brown is a dominant trait in eye color while green and blue are recessives. Complexion, eye color, hair etc are not determined by one gene but a group of many. Sometimes babies adopt either parents while others make a completely unique combination... and some manage to change between mom, dad and something combined or new throughout the course of their lives. So its not easy to determine who the child will go on just so simply.

Hope this answers your question.
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darker features are.dominate but it's the luck of the draw my husband and I have hazel eyes and our daughter has baby blue eyes (: (his dad & grandparents fault lol)
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By browm genetics i ment hair and eyes lol.. But ya i guess will find.out cause.my.dad has brown hair brown eyes its my moms side whos blonde and green eyes... My boyfriends mom is always talking smack like i wonder if the babies gonna be white with white hair cause im really blonde.
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Or with no hair cause "white" genes usually.dont have much hair altho mines thick and long but it just gets to me and makes me wonder!!
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Thats awesome your baby got very lucky! I will love her how ever she may come but green eyes and dark hair wiuld be great! I shade in my eyebrows cause there so light i mean it looks good but i would hate her having to cause her dads side has suchhhh niceeee eyebrows lol it crazy and im jealous
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ya my daughter.got the baby blues.with golden brown hair, she came out with light skin but now at 2 has tan skin like me. IM lucky she got my ability to tan (IM Mexican) & not my husbands tendency to burn! (he's Scottish/German/Irish) good luck  (:
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My husband has dark brown almost black hair and dark brown eyes I have light brown hair and blue/green eyes our oldest is 19 months old he has blond hair and blue eyes and our second is 5 months old and he has light brown hair and green eyes it's just luck of the draw what your baby will look like lol I cant wait to see what this baby looks like when it comes in September :)
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Ya my boyfriend mexican too hes just not dark he tans very well and gets dark but he has lighter skin color. So who knows 5 more weeks and ill let you guys know haha.
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