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Gestational Diabetes ruining my pregnancy!!!!!!!!!

I'm so frustrated I just want to cry :/ This is my 4th and last baby. I've never had this b4 so it's completely new to me. I don't understand it and they suck at explaining it! No matter how many ?s I ask. Google has no good info. They don't seem to understand I have 3 boys a house and husband I'm running around all day I cant sit and have 6 meals perfectly on time. Water makes me throw up so bad I cant keep anything down. So wth can I drink?? Then I forget to test or what time I'm supposed to. I know stress makes it worse but it's what is making me stress! All i hear is how it affects vaginal deliveries well what about us csection mommys! What r my risks ugh. Plus the specialist I have to see is 50 miles from my house!! That's 100 miles plus my ob appointments! I can't even save up bcuz I'm putting everything in gas :(
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I had gd and a c section. Is forget to test too bit just do it as soon as you remember. I used to have sugar free soft drinks, tea, sugar free cordials to drink. Switching to.a lo go diet (whole grain breads, lots of veggies, not too much fruit) was hard but for the best as gd babies eat all your sugar and tend to be quite large. Mine was 9pd2 at 39 weeks. If its not treated right you could end up on insulin
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I have the same issues however i try my hardest to take me blood sugar most of the time and i just try to cut out sugar and carbs to the best of my abilities. I also have am having a csection but yes bigger babies can happen but more so your baby can possibly come out lethergic or very rare but end up in stillbirth if this gd doesnt get under control. Not tryin to scare you but the important thing is to try your best. At first i was really upset about it, i loved my pepsi and my chocolate and all kinds of stuff. Although hard to make seperate food for your kids n such, ive found that im much healthier, i have actually not gained any weight, im 33 weeks btw. Its hard but its really important to try your best. Dont beat yourseld up tho.good luck!
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Thanks girls.  I'm trying and I guess from what I can tell I do ok cuz my sugars are good its just my fasting sugar thats usual at 100 or 110. I just get frustrated I want to do everything perfectly for my baby girl and with all my other responsibilities it's not so easy. I guess I do beat myself up over it like when I miss my sugar check I get so frustrated with myself
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And I wasnt gaining weight or anything so I thought I was on a good track this just threw me off :/
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