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Getting Pregnant From the Pullout Method

Hey I'm wondering if anyone out there has gotten pregnant while only using the pullout method. Me and my BF of 3 years have been only using Pullout for a little over a year. And it seems to have worked, since I haven't become pregnant. I just want to know others stories.
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Yes twice
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Yes, well i used it for two years (almost three) but it finally cought up to us lol ... i just found out on March 12 that i'm expecting again! So yes you can definetly get PG using this method. I think it worked for three years because i tracked my period and when i was ovulating so i was always on top of that... but i sure wasnt in Feb lol.... good luck
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its not a reliable form of bc so yeah ppl can and have got pregnant using that method
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I know its not a good form, trust me i know, I'm just wondering. I know people have gotten pregnant using It, i just wanted to take a poll. :)
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i think the only 100% method is celebacy lol! ive known people get pregnant on the pill and the injection and stuff, but theres no fun in celebacy
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Yes, you can...in fact I'm going through this right now. We've never used any form of bc and I'm 4 days late. I Have taken 4 test, 1 pos. 3 neg. My doctor says I need to wait 6 weeks to get an accurate result. So...I guess by next weekend I'll know something for sure.

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Yup I found out probably 2 months ago that I was preggers (was in TOTAL shock) but I only used condoms sporadically & used the pull out method more often than I probably should've. I'm due in October :)
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Oh yea i know, I have a friend who got pregnant on bc while using a condom, and also using plan B. haha
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It was meant to be then huh..? Lol
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My husband and I used the pullout method for over a year and a half and it worked for us, BUT I tracked my periods and ovulation cycle very, very carefully.
The one time we had an "oops moment," I got pregnant, despite even using Plan B afterwards.
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there are so many easy birth control methods there like mirena and the ring that there is no reason to use the pull out method.  I used it with one bf for 6 years and now i nkow how lucky i was not not get pregnant.  with my husband we used to two times, and both times we got pregnant immediately.  in fact, with my son we did it one time and he went out the next day and bought $100 worth of birth control and we found out three weeks later that I was pregnant.  eventually you WILL hit that fertile period and it will happen.  if you do not want to be pregnant, go to the doc and hear your options. (while you still have options)
There are very scientifice methods to calculate cycles and my doc who no longer prescrbes bc said it can be more accurate than condoms if you do it correctly so even if you go to the doc and learn the method you will be doing yourself a great service!
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Got pregnant that way with this one back in September!  I'm due on June 12.  It's our 2nd baby and while we had always planned to have two, we didn't know they'd be so close together - they'll be 18 months apart. :-)  But, we're thrilled - so it worked out for us.  
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There are a lot of people who have gotten pregnant this way, because a woman can easily ovulate earlier or later than expected, which makes it very unreliable. My cousin tracked her periods and ovulation very carefully, and still wound up pregnant. A woman should never rely on this method if she does not want to get pregnant.
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Well, were not exactly trying not to get pregnant but were not trying exclusively to get pregnant either. We would both welcome a pregnancy and have a reliable job and a home. I was just curious what the odds of it happening were. It's kind of nice to see it happen so often. I've tried to track my cycle but its so unpredictable that unless i waste money that i dont have on ov strips all the time I cant be accurate.

But I'm very thankful for all of the responses to this!
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We used that method for a a whole year after I came off the pill. Then we went to the "whatever happens, happens" and it took 3 months to get pregnant. I miscarried and it took us another 3 months to get pregnant.
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I have only used this method in the 13 years me and my husband have been together and we are on our 4th child. I know that every time I got pregnant about a month before I herd oh **** or ut oh lol so depends on how reliable he is lol. You still can get STD and AIDS tho so make sure you and him are checked out every 6m for a wile to make sure nether of you are caring any other things.
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Oh yea, I get checked around every six months. And we have been together for a long time So i know at least that Ive never cheated on him and I assume the same since we've lived together for about two years. It's a "better safe than sorry" thing.
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