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Getting Pregnant on the pill??

Ive been on birth control pill for the last 5/6 years years no problems or cramping between periods. My last normal period (Heavy clotting for 5 days and heavy cramps) was 16th i went back on the pill as normal and started having sex with bf again on 21st and most days that week but i had a spot of pink following sex on 25th & thats the day the cramping (not same place as pre-menses) started since then i had like egg white dc and my boobs are heavy & veiny & i've also been having back ache and i'm very bloated all the time too... anyway i stopped the pill for my break on tue last week and didn't start my period but on thurs night i started v lightly bleeding brown and at other time diluted pink it lasted 3 days but from the 2nd day only on TP when wiped i've had to go back on my pill tue 18th as neg results the monday!! i'm still cramping it's only light & back ache and i've also had some dizziness  and nausea this last couple of weeks.

i went to see the Doc again on 31st Dec as got a faint positive and he took me off the pill to see if normal period would resume but i had another like on the 13th Very light and on and off with no cramps.... I've made another appointment with doc but has anyone had this and ended up not pregnant??

(because if i'm not i have no idea whats going on??)

Anyone else been in a similar situation???

I'm sorry for such a long question but thought all the details would give a clearer picture....
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I have just found out i am 7 weeks pregnant and have also been on the pill for 5/6 years

I stopped taking the pill on the day i found out i was expecting and had no bleeding at all.

Ive had NO symptoms apart from really really sore nipples which lasted a week and then went away (but are now back with a vengance) and constant cramping for the past week

Im so scared as im not in the right situation to keep a baby and am bookedin for a termination tomorrow but dont know if i can go through with it.
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Chitten...There is always adoption! My best friend has been trying for a child and she may not be able to have any.  So I know of alot of ppl that would want to adopt that little innocent thing.  I hope you dont go through it.  I am telling you that if you go through with the whole pregnancy.....and look into that babies eyes...wow alot changes and you wont even want to remember what it was like to be childless!  It really is a miracle.  I am not trying to give you C R A P I am just trying to get you to understand that there are ppl out there that want children.  ALOT! Good luck to you.

Becky---I got pregnant on the pill too...if its a faint positive then its a positive.  BUT did he give you a blood serum test?  Or urine.  It sounds like it could be a pregnancy for sure tho.
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I got pregant on the pill...Had the same symptoms as you, but thought it was a period. I continued to take the pill for another month. LMP was 9/9 and didn't stop unitl 11/7 when I got a positive HPT. There is a good chance you are pregnant, but I don't understand why your Dr. didn't put you on some kind of prenantal or something. It seems like he should have done a complete exam if he thought you were. My Dr. did the pelvic exam first off and he could tell by the shape or size of my pelvis or something like that. At that point I was already 10w6d. Now I'm 17w4d and it seems to be going fast. Good luck, I know gettin pregnant on the pill can be disturbing to say the least...lot of different emotions
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i'm going for a HCG test this thursday as received a neg after a postive (within time frame) HELP! what else could it honestly be though with the above symptoms??
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I got prego on the pill and was also on it for 4/5 years.
My doc told me that the reason i got prego on the pill was because once you've been on the same type of b/c pill for so long, sometimes your body can become ammune to it and some working to its full potential, so he said for future reference, try to change my pill every 2/3 years, so that could be what happened to you as well!
Congradulations by the way!
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I also had faint spotting while prego, and lowered HGC levels, to the point where doc's at the emergency room told me i would misscarry the baby, and wanted me to take meds to abort the baby and then if that didnt work to do a d/c.
Thank goodness i made them give me an ultrasound first, as i didnt believe i had lost my baby, and sure enough, my baby's heartbeat was very strong and healthy! I am now 25 weeks and due in April, so always go with your gut and if ever in doubt, go to your doc and ask for an ultrasound to confirm there is a heartbeat! NEVER go alone on just HGC levels......their never entirly accurate!
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