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Getting pregnant

I was wondering if anyone knows of things that can help a person to get pregnant quickly. I have read that you can chart your ovulation but my periods are very irregular and this seems to be almost impossible. I have also read about the basal temperature but if anyone knows another way, pls let me know.
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I got pregnant very quickly using the CM method as mentioned by JoyRenee.  
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P.S. I've gotten pregnant 4 times on the first shot when using this method. My previous pregnancy actually took 13 months to conceive but only because I ended up having a fertility problem and was not ovulating, hence not having ANY CM whatsoever. But once I had CM again and knew I was ovulating we did conceive on the first try.
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I actually do not like BBT or OPKs. There is a third method for determining ovulation which may be the best for you, since you are irregular. It is the CM method (cervical mucous).

When you are not fertile you will be "dry" when you wipe. But as your body prepares for ovulation and you become fertile you will notice a discharge when you use the restroom. It can range in texture (sticky, tacky, gummy) and appearance (clear, cloudy, white, yellowish).

Your most fertile CM is called EWCM (egg white cervical mucous). It has the appearance of raw egg whites (crystal clear and really stretchy!). The LAST DAY of EWCM is the actual day of ovulation. Since you won't know it's the last day until it has passed, my rule is to ALWAYS have sex when you have *any* CM but especially when you have any EWCM (as it can last a few days).

This method is FREE, it is simple. You merely just check the TP after using the restroom and wiping.

Please let me know if you're interested in more information, if you never notice discharge, or if you have any questions.
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Well the Other way would be using OPK's . I would just get an obgyn or an RE and get some test done . Such as HSG to see if  your tube are clear, or have a u/s to see if you have cysts of any kind ... charting basel is a pretty in expensive way to start .. i did that for a while but i was so impatient that i gave up...MUCH luck to you on your journey ...

*:O) erika
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here are some things i found on the internet...hope it helps :) But be patient too! good luck!
Oh first....try taking prenatal pills...my dr said that taking those can help :)
1. it's a good idea to remain in a horizontal position for at least five minutes after you've finished making love. After all, gravity is a pretty formidable adversary for sperm. or levitate your bottom with a pillow. Try to wait twenty minutes after sex before getting up and moving around

2.Drink water--lot's of it. At least 8 glasses a day can do wonders in improving your cervical fluid.

3. Sex after a period or just before a period...if you know its coming

4.Do try to make sex enjoyable.  Sometimes when a couple is trying to conceive it will affect the quality of their sex life.  More enjoyable sex means higher sperm count and better "swimmers".

5.-Boxers or nothing(let the boys breathe)

those are some i found :) like i said good luck hun
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The temperatuture is the best way; however if your periods are irregular then it can be hard to track your ovulation dates. If you temp. every morning for three cycles then you should be able to track when you ovulate. If you find that you do not ovulate, you can take that information to a fertility doctor and possibly be prescibed something like clomide that will help you ovulate. My friend is seeing a fertility specialist and I asked her for input. Hope this helps.
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