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Let me start out by saying that I'm a firm believer. I've had paranormal, inexplicable experiences my whole life. Hubby was a sceptic until we moved in and he started noticing, too.

So just 20 minutes ago, I was woke up out of a dead sleep by talking. We have Netflix on our ps3 and left it on with the Tv off. The controller was on my night stand with nothing around it. Somehow, our Netflix was playing through our surround sound. Our kittens are litter training so they're in the bathroom.

I've noticed little things happening lately, but I'm confused cause we've never had anything happen in this apartment before. It just started about a week ago.

Any thoughts?
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Sorry for the double post. Phone froze up.
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yeah, I'm a definite believer too. Sounds real! The other night in my house, all of the fire alarms on the left side of the house started going off, in the laundry room, the spare room, the kitchen, and the dining room. It was freaky because nothing was plugged up or smoking or anything. We always have freak occurrences happen here and the way I was raised just tells me that there are spirits living here, besides our own. lol sorry, I sound like a weirdo.
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Lol look at what I posted. You're definitely not a weirdo. Sometimes, if I block it out, I can go months with nothing happening, but it always finds a way back to me.

I remember going to a Christmas party at a friends house in 2011. If never been in her house or spoken to her about anything paranormal. Most of the guests had left, maybe 6 people left in the house when my friend and I were talking in the kitchen alone. I saw a man walk through the hallway and stopped her sentence to ask hubby where he was going. No answer. There was a window cutout in the wall that faced the hall, then the door to the kitchen. Only saw him in the window, never came to the door. When I looked around the corner, nothing was there and there were no rooms or doors down that hall except the kitchen. I asked my husband if he'd been down the hall and everyone looked at me like I was crazy... except my friend I'd been talking to.

She asked what I saw and I told her. She turned white. "Mom and I have seen him there for years but nobody else ever has."
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Dang, that is freaky. I've noticed that you can block it out and nothing will happen, but somehow it always comes back and it's definitely back now that I'm pregnant. I always have that feeling that I'm being looked at.
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Stuff always happens to me too. I always hear talking but its from different people. One month ill hear a single male voice then he'll leave and the following month ill hear a mother and child. Always different people. And im constantly poked and having my hair played with. The thing that freaks me out the most is when I see them though.
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Well I've been laying here for half an hour trying to sleep and I hear what sounds like heavy furniture being moved in the crawlspace over our bed. Nonstop. Hearing it now.

And mine increased with both of my pregnancies now, too. Stronger and more frequently. Glad I'm not insane.
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Btw, the crawlspace is literally that. Only 2 feet high.
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Weve got an old man in our house, i saw him once about 4 years ago but i dont think he wanted to be seen cos he jumped out of sight. He walks around upstairs alot and occassionally walks down the stairs then back up again. Hes only here when theres strife in the house tho, he really doesnt like arguing!!
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