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Girlfriend feelin' horrible.

Please help me, I'm in a whirlpool of stress Sad. I'm only 14, and I had intercourse with my girlfriend, I'm not sure if I precummed or not, but the thing was since, We're not a "Veterans" at sex. We were pretty confused on where to stick it in. So pulling it out and putting it back in occured happened. The thing was, I felt something liquidy when my penis was in there. I'm 100% positive, I didn't sperm in her. Not sure about precum, It wasn't a take out immediately when you felt it situation. I took it out and been whacking it off it for 5 minutes or so. However, my girlfriend is sick, she feels like throwing up at times, and shes tired like crazy for no reason. Is it possible that shes pregnant? Please help me out.
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depends,.. how long ago was it since that day you had intercourse with her

Hope that is not the case (condoms are just as comforting sweetie your too young to start off without condoms) not trying to come down on you just giving you food for your mind anyway how long ago was it??
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13 days. :( 14 in 530
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Have her take a pregnancy test it should tell you by now whether or not she is. Also you may want to speak to her about getting on birth control if you are going to be sexually active. Planned parenthood gives it for free to teens and its completely confidential. If you dont want to do that than you may wanna at least use condoms.
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I'm scared to death, we're too young to be parents :(
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Her period is coming late ( keeping you guys updated ) I'm living on a hope that shes just stressed out by the hard honors class shes taking.
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hey, i'm 15 and having the same problem. i dated this guy for about 6 months until he broke up with me. by the thime we were dating for 4 months we had sex alot. it was stupid, but im not stressing over it, tell her not to stress. it won't help the situation, maybe she just think she is so she feels that way. right now i have every symptom and i've taken a test and it said i wasen't but idk, i've had weird periods that got lighter until now im just missing it. so it might be too early for her to test. i would take one but wait a month and take another one just to be sure, also my friend is taking me to plan parenthood to get me a blood test. so maybe you guys should do that too. but make sure u support her and dont pressure her into an abortion please. you cant inagine how much that hurts. my boyfrined did it to me, but hes not mean just scared. hes 17 and really doesnt want to be a dad. but i know if i am i'll keep the baby and be ok. if she is you guys will be ok too. just try to stay together and DON'T ABORT IT please if anything put the baby up for adoption. if you need any help or got anymore questions i check this site everyday for ppl so reply to me so just ask! good luck!!!
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Only way to know for certain is for her to take a test.

And not to be preachy, but if you're scared to death that she may be pregnant and you know that you're too young to be parents, then you just may be too young to have sex. Either abstain from sex or use multiple forms of birth control.
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Let us know what happens!!!
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kuroki, heh, it seems you are a beginner at this.. Well that liquidy stuff, was probably coming from her. That happens for lubrication purposes, it is natural. Don't stress out too much over it until you are certain. The symptoms are possibly from the thought of being pregnant.. it's stressful.. and her tough classes.. stress can do weird things to a girl, even move her period back.. But please, please, take mine and everyone else's advice, and USE PROTECTION!!  it's the smart thing to do. Don't be stupid like I was, or so many other young people. Please do it from now on. You could probably even go to the health department and get some for free. Just keep one or two in your pocket when you go to see her if you think you might be having sex. It's a simple and easy way to prevent pregnancy when you know that's not what you need. I can't tell you not to have sex, because for one, that would be hypocritical.. and secondly, if you want to do it, you're going to anyway. Condoms are the way to go.  So, that being said.. I want to tell you that you are atleast half wise in coming here for help. So I wish the best to you and good luck. keep us posted on what happens.
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This may sound like a parent here, but if you are too young to be parents as you said, then you are too young to have sex.  Sex comes with a big responsibility, physically and emotionally and that is something that you have to think about for you and for her.  There are a lot of things that are too scary for any fourteen year old to have to deal with, such as an STD, pregnancy, the birth of a child with mental or physical handicaps, and of course, miscarriage.  If you read any posts on sites such as these about miscarriage, it is difficult for even a grown woman to handle the loss of a child.  Puberty hormones are already so strong that something like that can be devastating for a young girl.  Please reconsider your decision to have sex this young.  If you do still feel like you need to have sex, be aware that as stressful as teenage years are, that you will be doubling your stress level.  Just like you are stressed out now.  
Yes it is possible to get pregnant before you actually ejaculate.  However, she could just be sick from the stress of worrying about it so much.  Th only way to know for sure is to take a test.  I would get at least 2 of the home pregnancy tests and test now and then again in about a week.  
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i got pregnant when i was 16. i was devistated. i was too young to be a mother. but it wasn't the end of the world, i have a healthy happy 11 year old now. everyone is telling you that if your girlfriend isn't pregnant, then use protection, but what if she is pregnant? you need to have her take a test. everthing will be ok.  the chances are very slim that she is, since you didn't *** inside her. my son will be your age in a few years. if i were giving him advice, i would say that if you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to know the consequences. are you ready to be a father? probably not.  i am glad you posted, it shows that you are a brave, caring young man. good luck to you. please let us know if it is a false alarm or not. take care.
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