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Glucose Tolerance test- advice on preparing for it

I am going to do my glucose tolerance test on Thursday.... I was hoping people could give me advice on how to prepare the night before and morning of...

I am really nervous for it.
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I was told by my midwife to not eat anything 7 hours before I took the test. This was easy enough because I was hardly able to eat food anyways. Pretty much you just eat the night before, sleep and get up as normal. Mine was in the morning really early, so that might have helped as well.

You don't have to be nervous, it's really simple. Some women handle it better than others. In my case though, I took Phenergan (on midwifes advice) before I came in to avoid vomiting.
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You saw my posts, I would stay away from juice and fruit.
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Hi , you should eat how you would normally eat then follow the instructions as per your doc / nurse, there is no point in eating low sugar / carbe food, will give false reading I had in all three of my pregnancies very simple to do ! Also didnt mind the "juice" they gave me, just a bit insipid , good luck x
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I have mine next week and the instructions that my Dr. gave me say to eat a normal meal before drinking the glucose drink. She also verbally told me that a lot of women get sick if they don't eat anything and just take the drink.
I am going to avoid anything with sugar but will eat a full meal. My appt. isn't until 1 p.m. so it's more difficult for me not to eat prior.
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mine is just walk in so I am going eat probably some whole wheat toast with a little peanut butter and go as soon as the collection place opens...  Hopefully that wont be too bad.. I wouldnt try to take the juice on a completely empty stomach because I heard its sick.

Hopefully it will go well..
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what do we do in one of those tests i got mine 30th september
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As far as i know, you drink this orange sugar drink that tastes rally bad... they have you sit around for an hour and then draw some blood...
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If you get a chance, ask for the lemonlime flavored drink instead of the orange one. I had the lemonlime on and I was very suprised because I thought it tasted alright! Not great, but like flat 7UP
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It's really not that gross. I HATE sugar and soda, and this thing really wasn't terrible. (In fact I actually never drink anything but water) Mine was the orange one, and I kinda liked it really.
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I pretty much only drink water and milk now.. occasionally i have some orange juice...  it my mind, this drink tastes like flat orange cheap pop.. we will see...

i really just want to go do it and get it over with because i feel like time is going by slow while I wait....  too bad, i had to take the morning off work to go do it so i cant really reschedule on the fly....
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If it is a fasting one you won't eat the night before. Otherwise you're supposed to eat as normal. I think the taste is okay - it's just the nauseating too-much-sugar feeling you get stinks. This is the first pregnancy I'm not doing the GTT. If I begin to have warning signs for Gestational Diabetes we'll use the Glucometer and if those readings are "off" then we'll do GTT. So far, so good. Unless you have other symptoms for GTT I wouldn't worry about it, PetiteWonder!
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