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Glucose test?

What is this glucose test I keep hearing about? I'm 25wk and I've not done it. Is there a reason why some people do and some dont
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Its to see if you have gestational diabetes. It requires u to drink some orange substance and after a while they take ur blood to test for gestational diabetes.
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I had my glucose test around 28 weeks,  so you might not be far enough into your pregnancy. And as the previous poster said,  it is to establish if you have gestational diabetes.
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You can have the test between 24 and 28 weeks gestation. Usually at 28 weeks for first pregnancy and with no known history of diabetes. It tests for gestational diabetes which is a strain that usually reverts after you've had your baby but it can mean you have a higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. It is a very simple test. You fast for 12 hours over night then go for a blood test to find out your sugar levels. You then drink a small bottle of liquid that kind of tastes like hot thick lemonade. Its almost like a sugar syrup and has 75g of sugar. You then sit for 2 hours only allowed to have sips of water and are only allowed minimal movement. You then have another blood test to see how the drink has affected your sugar level. (Sometimes they will also do a test at the half way point) its to see how your body is combating the sugar as often when pregnant your body can't do all its normal functions to its full capacity. If you do have gestational diabetes it can add in some extra hurdles and you will not be allowed to go past your due date. Nothing to stress about. They are very helpful with helping you to rearrange your lifestyle to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible.
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Thank you. I was at the midwife yesterday and nothing was mentioned for my next appointment which will be 29wk. I've heard other pregnant women saying they've done it but I've not had it mentioned to me
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Some women are only given the test if they have need for it;  this can sometimes be due to an increased BMI or you are perhaps showing signs of sugar in urine samples. Other women are offered it as part of routine checks,  irrespective of BMI or medical reasons. Don't be afraid to ask for the test. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks, I'm now 37 weeks and will be induced at 38 weeks. Up until diagnosis I was having a terrible pregnancy with chronic fatigue,  constant thirst and countless trips to the bathroom.  Now with a controlled diet and injecting insulin 4 times a day,  I'm a whole new person and I've only gained 9lb throughout my pregnancy. My diet has completely changed mine and my Husband's life,  but for the better. I highly recommend the test because if I hasn't have had it, I would be utterly miserable in addition to my babies life being at risk during delivery.
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My doctor told me I didn't have to do the test with my first because I was 23, low risk and having a healthy pregnancy. He said, all we'd do if you do have it, is put you on a low sugar diet, but you should be trying to eat less sugar anyway. So I didn't take the test and am not planning to this pregnancy either.
Thank you. I don't have too much sugar. I suck mints from when I wake to when I go to bed plus I've cut my intake of pure apple down to just one carton a day. It's a tough pregnancy with this one. I've never heard of the glucose test until recently and this is my 6th pregnancy so I feel like a newbie
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You may be astonished to find how much hidden sugars there are in all your foods and drinks. On average,  4 grams of sugar is the equivalent to 1 Sugar cube. The ironic thing is,  those healthy food we think we are eating are laden with sugar,  after all,  low in fat means that they supplement flavour with sugar to give it the taste.
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Im 13 weeks and i took my test already to make sure i wasn't going to have diabetes . i believe i took it when i was 9weeks
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I'm 36 weeks I've taken the test in the beginning of my pregnancy and I just did it abt a month ago.
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