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Got a BFP! Uh..help?

Hey everyone! New to this site and so far..I'm loving it!
I found out on Dec. 28th that I'm pregnant with my first child! They are guessing I'm about 8 weeks! After the shock has (kind of) sunk in, everyone is very happy about it! So of course...I have some questions!
My first ultrasound isn't until Jan. 21 (so the 8 weeks is guess work)...for now, my doctor just called me, checked to see how I was taking the news and told me to get some prenatal vitamins.
Is there anything else I should know? Things I should prepare for? I've read and read things, but I'd also like to hear from other people.
I'm excited but scared at the same time.
I'm overweight (360lb when i checked a few months ago...I hope i lost a few!) and that scares me. I don't know what to expect as it is...what about being plus-size. Will I get a tummy? Will it show? What does it look like?
I attached a picture of me, on christmas day.

So far I've only been craving fruit, I feel nausa alot but haven't gotten sick (yet, fingers crossed I don't)
Lots of napping (is it normal to nap for a few hours almost every day?)
Is there any special I should avoid? (I know smoking and alcohol is obvious) But I also hear caffine, I didn't know that.
Tips and Tricks to the aches and nausea?
I live in Alberta, Canada...Right now I don't have a health plan..I'm not sure what my Alberta health care covers when it comes to this...
*Deep Breath* Whoo!

I guess my positive was a bit unique. I had a normal visit from AF in Oct. (which are usually long and really heavy) but in Nov it was late, short and more light medium. I continued to very lightly spot all the way to Dec. 17, when it got a tiny bit heavy for a few days, would disappear in the evening. I spotted lightly for a few days after, and had stopped spotting by my doctor visit. I also had sore nipples the entire month!
Sure enough, after a urine test at the hospital it was positive!
Sorry for the long post!
Thank you for all future help :D
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Looking a that picture...I guess you could say Santa brought me a LATE present!! Haha *corny joke*
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Congratulations! What nice Christmas present :)

The fatigue is normal and you will start feeling it ease up some when you roll into the second trimester. I craved a lot of fruit too in the first trimester. You just have to remember that fruit still has sugar in it so keep it in moderation. I don't know how your weight makes your pregnancy any different than an average gal. I'm guessing you might be more prone to gestational diabetes and hypertension. You might want to read up on that. I hear a lot of times that heavier women actually lose weight in pregnancy. Don't worry if that happens. The baby is getting everything it needs from you. I lost weight the first trimester and then started gaining in the 2nd and now 3rd. You will get a tummy eventually. I didn't really 'pop' till after 20 weeks or so.

Those prenatal vitamins are very important and will keep you from getting any deficiencies.
Make sure you drink lots of water. Eat a lot of protein and fiber too.

Best wishes to you!!!
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Lots of naps are totally normal!  It will get better in the second trimester and then come back in the third (so does nausea).

You should avoid: drugs, alcohol, smoking, any medications even over the counter meds unless your ob ok's it, no jumping on trampolines, limit caffeine intake to 200mg or less (preferable no caffeine in first trimester), no raw meats or fish, no runny yolk eggs, food must be completely cooked no rare meats there cannot be any pink in the meat. If you eat deli lunch meat it needs to be heated till it's steaming, same thing with hotdogs. No more than 8 ounces of fish per week (due to mercury levels), you should avoid anything with impact or chance of falling and no cleaning litter boxes for cats unless you are wearing gloves. I'm sure I'm missing something on that list :P. OH no green tea as it can cause spinal deformities. You are more suceptible to food poisoning so make sure anything you eat is not expired, cooked accordingly, correct temperature, never leave food out, always wash fruits and veggies very well before eating, wash hands very well after handling raw or undercooked foods, your immune system is lowered in pregnancy so wash your hands before eating and after being in contact with anyone in public and avoid sick people at all costs.

As for being plus size and pregnant it puts you at risk for gestational diabetes and hypertension so it is very important to eat healthy and if possible walk every day as exercise (as long as OB is ok with that).

Congrats on your pregnancy!! Oh suggestions for prenatal vitamins, take them at dinner time or bedtime with food as they can make your tummy upset.

If you get an upset tummy in pregnancy eat small frequent meals and don't lay down for 30 min after food.
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Also Tums are safe in pregnancy but do not take within two hours on either side of your prenatal vitamins as it will cause you to not absorb the vitamins properly.

Never have an empty tummy as it causes nausea in early pregnancy so keep fresh fruits, veggies, crackers, dry cereal on hand to eat every few hours

Oh also forgot to mention, no hot tubs, no hot baths, no sauna's you must avoid increasing your core body temperature. This also means if you get a fever you need to call your ob right away.

Drinks TONS of water you need Approx 10 glasses or 100oz of liquid per day
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Thanks for all the info guys :) I really really appreciate it! Knowing all this helps me relax about the whole thing. I'm sure it wont truly sink in until I see my first ultrasound and I start getting a belly.
I started talking about delivery location today, my husband just laughed, softly put his fingers on my lips and told me to relax.
One day at a time...
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