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HCG Levels Slowly Rising???

Last Wednesday, I woke up with very, very light bleeding.  It was pinkish to brown in color and only lasted a few hours.  I went to the doctor, where he did a pelvic exam.  He said the the bleeding was coming from outside of the uterus, and he originally thought I had a bacterial infection.  He swabbed the bleeding area, and the results were negative for a bacterial infection.  He said that everything looked fine, and that my bleeding may have been the result of intercourse 2 days before.  To be on the safe side, he took my blood to test for HCG levels.  On Wednesday, the HCG level was 15000 (6 wks 4 days).  I went Friday to take another blood test and my HCG level had only risen to 18000 (6 wks 6 days).  I'm extremely worried because the nurse said my level should have doubled by that time.  Is this common?  Does this mean that a miscarriage is in the near furture?

We called the doctor, and he said not to worry, but he wants to see me Monday for an ultrasound.
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Once the hCG reaches a certain level it doesn't necessarily double every 48hrs.  At some point it plateaus.  More importantly, at the levels you report, an intrauterine pregnancy should be readily visible.  The ultrasound today should reveal clearly, the location and status of your pregnancy.  Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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hi not to scare you but that happened to me and i had an etopic preg my tube busted and i had emergency surgery it sucked hopefully not whats going on with you but make sure he checks for that.
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I read here on this forum that the beta HCG was invented to torture all pregnant women and I think it's true!

sept 10, (14 DPO,) my beta was 73.

sept 12, (16 DPO), it was 210.

sept 20, (24 DPO), it was 4800.

sept 26,  (30 DPO), it was 13,800.

with that 13,800 value, the doctor told me straight out that I have a 50/50 chance of "running into trouble" with this pregnancy" and i've been tortured ever since.  what's your opinion?  sept 26th puts me at 6 weeks pregnant.  ultrasound was done and the nurse practioner said everything looked to be in order.  but that "50/50" thing the doc said was SO disturbing to me, I'm sort of devasated.  what do you think?

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My hCG levels weren't high enough to even register on a urine test until I was 16 weeks pregnant. I didn't have any problems with my pregnancy and had a healthy baby. I wouldn't worry about the 50/50 thing. I mean really he's probably just being overly cautious.
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thanks for your words of encouragement!  well, ultrasound confirmed "single live intrauterine pregnancy with heart rate of 126".  who cares about the beta now!  and by the way, had it drawn again, and it's 26,000.  god, at my age, I can only HOPE for  a healthy baby, I don't care if I have to go to hell and back during this pregnancy, I just want  a HEALTHY baby!  

thansk again!
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