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Hi to all,
I am 7 weeks pregnant, i went to the er with cramping fri night my hcg levels were 24000 they found a fetal pole and heartbeat on an ultrasound, i went back monday just to double chek all was well, the u/s didn't pick up a heartbeat and my hcg levels had dropped to 17000, i now am waiting for another u/s on fri (2 days away feels like an eternity) to see if a heartbeat can be detected i am so stressed and worried it is not funny, i have 3 gorgeous healthy girls nothing at all like this in their pregnancies can anyone help put my mind at ease please?
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I'm so sorry hun.. it sounds like you are going to miscarry, decreasing HCG levels are never a good sign, they will level off but I don't think they decrease, especially with not seeing the HB. unfortunately about 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, although miscarriage is less common after seeing the heartbeat.. I know what you are going through I had a blighted ovum in June after having a healthy baby a a year and a half before, it is devastating and just a fluke occurance usually from chromosomal abnormalities. But if it gives you hope I'm now almost out of my first trimester with what seems to be a healthy pregnancy this time.

love and hugs
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    I think deep down i know i'm heading for a MC but am trying to hang on to a little hope, My GP is not concerned that my HCG levels have dropped, he just said wait and see what the US tells us, he called today and set the time for my US at 10.40 tomorrow morning, I am going to have another sleepness night thats for sure, i havent been back to work since friday night when i had the cramping, tonight will be my first i don't want to go but i know it will take my mind off this and if anything bad happens i am in good hands as i work in the kitchen at a hospital, I may even quiz the maternity staff and see what they come up with.
Thankyou for your kind words, I am truly sorry you had to go through a MC it is up there with the most awful things to happen to a human, I am happy to hear you are almost out of your first trimester, almost time to relax a little, Congrats to you and i hope all goes well, i will let you know how i go tomorrow once again thankyou.

rest up and take care.
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Hello, well here I am after an excruciatingly painful and cruel weekend, i woke at 4am to hubby's alarm for work before i even opened my eyes i knew i had lost our baby, i sensed i was bleeding, it took hubby ages to get me out of bed and into the shower sure enough i had bled some more, we went and had the ultraound and still no heartbeat, i still didn't want to give up hope, we came home i was pretty silent for the day had friends come and visit there support was amazing, we went to bed only to wake in horrible pain it seriously felt like i was in labour, (I have 4 girls 3 of whom are great happy and healthy our 2nd daughter passed away at 4 months from SIDS) i put up with the pain all day it got that bad i went to the hospital they gave me morphine and done an internal and said that i was having a miscarriage, no need for a D&C i just had to go through the process, it was so cruel the amount of bleeding i had i thought i shouldn't be here, i passed clots but was still in pain untill late Sunday when i passed a huge clot it was different to the other ones it was kind of hard i think it may have been the fetus as after that all the pain went and the bleeding has slowed down, i am desperate to try again straight away just so so scared i will go through all this again.
I can't stop looking at the HPT and feeling sad about losing this bub and i am obsessed at trying to find out why it happened and if i can do anything to prevent it happening again, i know after days of research and asking Q's there isn't but my mind just wont let this go.
Thanks heaps again for listening, i truly hope all is going to plan with your pregnancy.
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I'm so sorry you had to go through this.. It is such a painful experience. Just be sure to follow the docs advice if they tell you to wait, I think its about 2 months recommended just for cycles to regulate. I got pg a little early I think I got a + HPT but a week later started bleeding it was devastating all over again and then I thought there was something wrong with me... But I went to the doc after the weekend and she said my bloodwork was 0 but I knew I had m/c just very early because I had negative hpt's after that. It was like every negative I got reminded me that I was pregnant and that that pregnancy was gone... I'm so sorry to hear about your other daughter too SIDS terrifies me.

Lots of Love and I'll say a prayer for you. I know it is no consolation now but you will have a healthy pregnancy soon when the time is right I had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything looks great just 5 more days and I'm in the second trimester!
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