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I am 11 dpo, and just yesterday i noticed slight tenderness in my boobs on the sides, and in the nipple area. I can feel it a little sore more so on my right breast. They feel gigantic, and very, very heavy. I checked my temp this morning, and it was 98.57, yesterday it was 98.41, and the day before that is was 98.67.  Oh, and i think my cervix feels slightly firm and a bit squishy at the same time. Not sure if that makes sense.  Took hpt, and BFN.  I wanted to give this whole baby thing a rest this month, and actually tried, then started temping again a few days ago. I dont know if i have a shot this month. I know it is still early to tell. LIke i said, my boobs are so heavy, and they feel fuller. maybe af is approaching, but have never noticed my boobs like this before. Any advice. Here is my chart so far.

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When I was like 3 weeks along my breasts were SOOOO heavy and full feeling...then a few days later they became painful...not just one area, but all around......That's how I figured something was up!  When can you test?
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I had the same thing and now I'm at 7 weeks :) They felt extremely heavy and started to get really sore about the time AF was to show. Good luck!
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I tested yesterday night, and it was bfn.  My temps are still pretty high. Tempted at 98.7 today. And my cervix still feels a little firm and squishy.  It was wierd, i woke up this morning, and it felt like i had a 100 pound weight on my chest.  Have you every laid on your chest for a long time, then got up and it felt like something heavy was laying on top. that is how i felt this morning. I hope this is a good sign. Other than the heavy boobs, high temps, i have no other symptoms. Almost liky my last pregnancy.  I noticed my boobs hurt, then i got really bad af like cramps with no period. That is how i new i was pg. No cramps this time.
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Af isnt due until the 16th (saturday) Dont know why, but i feel that i didnt do it this month. I got two BFNs. Not good. Next month will be 6 months of trying. What the heck. My first pregnancy it took my 3 months, then miscarried. It has been almost 6 months since. Why havent i got pregnant yet?  Just dont get it.
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I just added you to my friends list on FF!  Is your cycle always 25 days long?  
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Sometimes. It ranges around 25,26-27-28 days. But the past two months have been a little off. Two months ago i was 6 days late, then last month i was 6 days early. My last af was january 20th. So who knows. According to FF, my af is due on the 16th, which makes this cycle 28 days. Last cycle was 24 days, and the cycle before that was 30 days, and the cycle before that was 28 days.  All i know is this month, like i said, my BBs are so full and so heavy. They are tender on the sides too. I usually do not get this symptom before my af, but this could be a first. I hope af doesnt come.
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