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ok so i have been taking this med. for about 4 days its called medroxyprogesterone b/c my period are irregular i have 6 more days to go and i just wanted to know can i get pregnant when im done with the pills and if i can when is the best time to have intercourse???? i really want all the women who knows about this medicine to help me thankyou so much!!!!! please stay in touch ill answer all questions!
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That's the generic for Provera. What it does is induces a period in a woman who is anovulatory and not getting her period, which you already know. I was on this medicine for a few months to help try to get my cycle restarted correctly. It didn't help me. All it did was induce my period and then I would go another month an a half without ovulating before I'd call for a refill. Some women it does help to restart their bodies into ovulating, but it's not reliable. My advice to you is to chart your BBT and/or OPK's to see if you do in fact ovulate after this cycle. As everyone's body is different and your cycles are irregular, it's nearly impossible for anyone to guess when you would be fertile. I ended up having to take fertility drugs (clomid) in order to conceive my daughter, the Provera didn't do much good. Good luck.
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you have been so helpful lol thankyou, so ok i probably need to take clomid if by the end of this month i dnt conceive how much is it or does it have to b doctor prescribed??? and what kind lol girl you gotta help me plus im about to be a navy wife and we made plans to have a baby in our new home im just lost right now.
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You have to have a prescription for Clomid. I went through a lot of trouble to get it to. You have to have been trying for over a year with documented history (ie: labwork stating you don't ovulate, have irregular periods, etc) stating that you are unable to conceive due to anovulatory cycles. Then my husband had to get a semen analysis and my cousin who also started it had to do so as well. Idk how long you've been trying but it can take couples up to two years to conceive, it took us 14 months.

Clomid should only be used as a last resort before starting superovulation induction meds, ivf, or iui. Even then, it's not guaranteed to get you pregnant.
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we have been trying for 9 months and my period been irregular for 2 years because of my birth control (depo) i dnt have a doc rt now but i will soon is there anything i could do or i should just take clomid
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Chart your BBT to see if you are ovulating at all. You can go to fertilityfriend . com or tcoyf .com and it can teach you how to chart and to understand and recognize ovulation. Unless you're over 30, they won't give you clomid until you've been trying for one year. The side effects from clomid are killer and its not guaranteed to work.

Potential Complications of Clomid

The main risk associated with Clomid use is the potential for developing Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). OHSS can occur with the use of any type of ovulation stimulating drug. It happens when cysts begin to form on the ovaries, causing them to swell to a very large size. Typically, OHSS disappears without treatment but, without proper monitoring, the syndrome can become dangerous. Potential complications include:

•kidney problems
•liver problems
•fluid collection in the lungs and stomach
•twisting of the ovaries

It is essential that your fertility specialist monitor you for signs of OHSS while you are taking Clomid.

I would use clomid as a last resort before trying ivf. So basically if I were you I would try natual methods like timed intercourse and charting your bbt before you try to get clomid. Also, keep in mind that most insurances don't cover infertility treatments.
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wow didnt know that, that was very helpful how you put so yea but the reason i dont think im ovulating is because when i was charting my bbt and checking my cervical mucus before i found this site i didnt get pregnant and i never ovulating because i always had either creamy mucus or slightly wet and i timed intercourse idk. I've been off depo for two years i hope it didnt mess me up im only 19 and about to get married in a couple of months im already engaged and vey excited about that, me and my fiance don't understand why i cant get pregnant but when i get a doc what kind should i get and what do i tell him so i could be treated properly?
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You need to see a GYN or OBGYN. And you need to tell them that you've been trying to get pregnant, and you can't.
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ok thanks ill keep you updated!!! : )
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