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OOPS On the 1st post like this:
For any mommies out there: I'd like to know how much weight you gained on average throughout your pregnancy (each one). I'm trying to get an idea of just how much I really should weigh (weigh 145 and am 5'4 and dieting) before getting pregnant if I don't want to be depressed about feeling like a whale.

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With my son I gained exactly 30 pounds. I am 5'8" and started out at 174 (was in the process of losing another 10-15 pounds but got pregnant instead!) I went up to 204 the day I went into labor. yuck!! But I lost most of it fairly quickly.
With this one I started at 170 but lost weight and went down to 165. So as of yet, nothing gained! I hope to only gain 15-20 pounds  this time around, but we will see!
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I am also 5'4, weighed 155 before pregnancy, i gained about 25lbs and 8 days post partum i have 7lbs more to lose.
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oh and i hope to lose about another 15-20 lbs..to be at my "ideal" weight of 135...but i haven't seen that in a few years
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It would only let me vote once lol.

I'm almost 5'11 currently I'm 143 pounds and 15weeks pregnant.

My first pregnancy I gained: 28lb
2nd: 23lb
3rd: 38lb
4th: 19 lb.

Good luck!
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I'll tell you this...regardless how much you weigh before pregnancy, you will still feel like a whale at certain points during your pregnancy.
I was 130 at 5'6" before I got pregnant and I'm 5 months and I have already gained about 12 pounds and I'm NOT happy about the shape and status of my legs and arms.  The belly is very cute but my thighs have turned to jello and so have my arms.  And if you are "all belly" and don't gain weight in other areas but your belly, you will feel like a whale because of all the aches and cramps....
The best thing is to eat a good nutritious and balanced diet and exercise during pregnancy (which I am still meaning to do eventually)....
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1st Pregnancy: 71lbs... Oops :)
2nd Pregnancy: So far 13lbs

With my son I gained weight like crazy! It started coming on and didn't stop. I finally lost all my baby weight plus some a month before finding out I was pregnant this time around. So far I have gained 13lbs and I am 27 weeks tomorrow. So I think I am doing better this time around!
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I was a little on the small side to start out with when I had my first and I gained 33 lbs.  This time around, I gained 8 lbs first and now I am on track with 16 lbs at 25 weeks.  In the end I should end up gaining about 30 lbs.  Dr. says that is where I should be...
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well i am only 33 wks (will be tomorrow) and so far i've gained 12 pounds but it varies so much with person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy
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I'm at my 29 lb mark and I still have 4 weeks left =X....  But I crave food!!! I started off losing 20 so I don't think it counts I've only gained 9 LOL...
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I've gained 30lbs and I'm just about 36w!  I was shocked but I'm ALL BELLY...if I am backwards, I still even look like I have somewhat of a waist!  My doctor isn't concerned.  I've worked out all through my pregnancy, tried to eat healthy and this is just what my body wanted to do...I've always gained weight very easily though.
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i only gained 15 with DS, so far with this one i have gained 10 but i lost 4 over the past few weeks.....food aversion su**s!
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You know,  with my first I ate whatever I wanted-  including mcdonalds like everyday-  and I gained about 45lbs!  So,  with my second I thought I'd be really good-  I went for walks and ate really well,  balance meals-  no junk...  etc...  STILL gained 45lbs...  so...  for what that is worth!  :)  
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