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So I had an HSG done yesterday my doctor said that everything looks great and my tubes are clear and open... My question is if you've had or know someone who had one done does it improve your chances of concieving after having one done?????

I should be O'g sometime between the 18th and the 23rd.....
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I tried to get pregnant for 2 years - no luck. After an ectopic pregnancy a HSG showed some adhesions. However, that same cycle I DID fall preggo again and am 19 weeks along now. The radiologist, nurses, and my dr did tell me that the HSG can have theraputic effects that can make falling preggo easier. Evern if your tubes are clear, the test can clear out any debris that might have been making the process harder.

Please also know that other things can influence getting pregnant such as having a good lining, hubby's sperm count/mobility/morphology, the quality of your eggs, your hormones and ability to support a growing baby. There are just so many factors, not to mention the low 20-30% chance of a perfectly healthy couple concieving each month. Some of us are just more fertile than others. My mom accidentally fell preggo 4 times and she claims she was just washing the laundry! LOL! Two of my sisters litterally tried only on the day they ovulated and fell preggo the first try. And one sister didnt try and ended up with twins! But me, it took forever!

Good luck and keep trying. It will happen when the time is right. :)
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I have heard yes and no from woman on my RE's chat group. I do not know medically standing though which is true, sorry

Sticky baby dust to you! Oh did you mention your slow rising temps or fast drop to him while you were there?

Good luck girl, better get your shopping done so you have energy to baby dance:)
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Thanks so much I was looking it up online I heard some did and then some didn't get preggo....

I just started doing the temps so I didn't even think to tell him about it, but you mentioned something about a slow rise but a fast drop is that a sign that something could be wrong?????
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I had an HSG done about 2 years ago..my result was everything was perfect, no problems at all. Still no pregnancy. :-(
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Yes having the test done does help improve pregnancy within few months.ive had 2 done in the past,since the HSG flush's your tubes clearing away any debri,making it easy for egg to travel.still takes the exact timing though.
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@ brooklynsmom- I suppose to O within the next seven days, so I'm hoping this hsg helped

@ amandamae- the info you gave was very helpful, I had four previous pregnancies with no problems my doctor told me I was very fertile but fir some odd reason now it's taking some time.... With the others I've never tried or it wasn't plan they were actually surprises!!!
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Thanks I hope I time it right this month but I'm really not trying if ot happens it happen!!!!

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Fingers crossed hun,always the best way,if it happens it happens.thats what i found after 8 years of trying,told myself well thats it,then bam.now 8 months old,and can you belelieve it 3 months gone again,so it will happen.
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I'm guessing you was a bit surprised with the the new pregnancy but a blessing is a blessing no matter what form it comes in, congrats and enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy!!!!!
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Relly, I sure have my fingers crossed for you this month!!!  
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Thank you so much and the same to u!!!!

Happy Holidays
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yes low progesterone which would have to be tested the day after you O, It should be over 20 -25 to show O and over 35 to show pregnany at 4 weeks.

I had very low P! Mine was 6.4:( But I took suppliments from an rx and got pregnatn the next month, very simple thing to fix and right away too!

My RE actuall put me on the suppliments when he saw my BBT chart ad said he did nto ahve to test but I had already gotten tested the same day by my GP. Good luck girl

the thing with the progesterone is that it needs to go up high enough to help with implantation and long enough so the abby has enough time to stick good, If it drops to soon then the estrogen comes and kicks in to start shedding the lining if the uterus for AF. So it is very important! I had many troubles with my first 5 pregnancies. MC's with twins only one though, trpilets all of them and bleed and contracted the whole time I wa spregnant only to have them all early. My 4th was born at 23 weeks and did nto love long so I had a tubal ligation done. Then 8 years later I had a tubal reversal as I was told it was most likely I was having trouble from progesterone which they never testes back then:( Stupid dr's!!! Anyway I have a 6 month old baby boy and he was full term, I took pills till 20 weeks then shots till 32 weeks.

Hope that all makes since to ya about what it does:) I know I tend to be piecy with my writing and talking:) haha

well good luck!
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What you said absolutely makes sense. With the last cycle I started charting in the middle of my cycle I have had four previous pregnancies with no problems or complications all were full term boys ranging in weight from 6lbs9oz to 8lbs12oz, but since you said that if I don't  have success with cycle I will ask him to look at my charts....

Thx this advice is well needed!!!!
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