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Hand tingling after c-section delivery

I had a c-section on October 26th, 2009.  I was given a spinal tap.  Ever since the delivery my left hand has been tingling, including the fingers.  My OB/GYN told me today that this should not be a result from the pregnancy and to consult a specialist.

I never had this tingling before or during the pregnancy.  It only developed after the delivery.  I would assume this still can not be contributed to the anesthesia.

I am making an appointment with a specialist, but has anyone else had this?  I know many women develop carpal tunnel syndrome durng their pregnancies because of fluid retention in their wrists, but it normally goes away soon after delivery.  Mine started after delivery.

Any ideas?

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It is very unlikely to be related to the spinal anesthetic.  If the anesthetic level had reached high enough to cause numbness in your arms, it would have also caused difficulties with breathing.  It could be carpal tunnel as you mention.  It could also be related to a slipped disc in your neck.  This could be caused by something as simple as lifting a car seat out of the car.  If the symptoms don't improve, you should definitely be evaluated by a neurologist, or other specialist who can check for weakness in the muscles and possibly do nerve conduction studies or order an MRI scan if there is other evidence of disc disease.
Congratulations on your baby by the way!
Good luck!
Dr B
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