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Harmful Vitamin A (retinol)

Hi ladies, just been doing some research on Vitamin A (retinol) and I think results are shocking..  I know Dr's tell us not to eat liver during pregnancy as very high levels of vit A but I can't believe the other products that also contain quite high levels also.  Experts say pregnant women should not consume more than 3300 IUs of Vitamin A (retinol) per day.  More than that may cause birth defects, allegedly.  Well did you know that 100gs of butter contains 3000 IUs (that is 500 IUs per tablespoon)!  One cup of full fat milk- 300 IUs, a sausage roll- 300 IU's, a scone- 300 IUs, 20gs mayonnaise- 270 IUs, 1oz cheddar cheese- 300 IUs, 1 medium egg- 280 IUs.

There are more but I just looked up things I have been eating.  I am now very alarmed as I have been eating lots of butter with potatoes and on toast- never realised vit A in it and been having 2 eggs a day.  I know each item doesn't have over the rda of vitA but if you add them all up it is scary...

I have put this on to inform anyone who doesn't already know this info... I hope it's helpful.  I certainly will be cutting down on the butter and the rest from now on! x
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Sorry I have posted this twice by accident... computer froze so sent again! OOPS..
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That has some truth to it, i would be more concerned on the statics, how often is it happening to preggo women. A lot of my cousins had babies, took prenatal pills and did not change there diet, for some reason, people like a lot of butter, i think its the taste.  But they all had healthy pregnancies, i even had a cousing who smoked ciggs and occasionaly drunk beer threwout her pregnancy, (which made me sad bcuz she carried to full term with no birth defects and i did everything right and had a m/c) Its hard to pin point  these things, but i would be more concerned with how many women out of so many women this happens to.  Nothing wrong with being cautious, but anything in large amounts can cause you problems.  Happy Healthy Nine Months to You:)
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Thanks Latrice... I know I am being almost 'neurotic' about the research I have been doing but as you know yourself after m/c we would do anything to try make sure ok this time.  My family think I am doing too much 'scary' research and say 'how come other pregnant women eat those things and still have healthy baby!'  This is true but I still am worried about everything I eat ... I think I will ease off a bit once I have 3mth scan... I am really craving a chinese curry every day but because of the msg and soya in it I wouldn't let myself eat it... and yet I am sure lot's of pregnant women have them and are fine (my mum had chinese food once a week when carrying me and no problems)!  Maybe having one very occasionaly wouldn't do harm... after the 3mth... :)  How's things with you?
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Yes i do understand the fear of pregnancy after m/c. Hopefully you'll be more at ease like you said after the scan. Im sure your going to have a healthy happy nine months:)  As far as me on like CD5, debating if i want to ttc or take a break, i only tried one month but getting a BFN felt like i had been trying for months. So i dont no, think im just gona go with the floww and focus on studing for my boards.
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Thanks Latrice, your well wishes mean a lot... Well I hope you do get your BFP, and soon.. sending you lots of sticky baby dust.  Good luck with the studies... I don't envy you- glad I have put my books away!  Take care and God bless x  
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