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Have any of you taken Ambien?

I have been having horrible problems sleeping since the m/c and now I'm getting about 4 hours a night.  My Dr prescribed me Ambien which helped me fall asleep in about 15-20 minutes which was great being so I would toss and turn for up to 3 hours before finally falling asleep.  The one bad thing is I only slept 4 hours with the Ambien.  I tried taking my xanax that I've had in my cabinet for over a year. It actually knocked my out for a good 8 hours and I felt great.

Tonight will be night 7 on the ambien I took the pill 3.5 hours ago and I'm still awake as you can see I'm typing.  I'm just now starting to get some signs of it's effects.

I don't know if my body has built up a tolerance already in 7 days???  

If any of you have taken this or know anything please help.  

I have looked this up on google but says tolerance builds up after long term use.  not just one week.  
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I tried ambien and a slew of other "sleeping" pills.  Either they made me feel hungover, left a horrible taste in my mouth or didn't help.  The one thing I found that DID help....Melatonin....straight off the shelf at walmart.  Cheap, convenient and it's the body's natural chemical for sleep. This means that when the sun starts coming up your body automatically starts flushing it out so no hangover or grogginess.  It comes in different strengths and you can start off with a small amount and increase as needed.  AFter taking it for awhile I didn't need it anymore.  And becuase it's natural it's non-addictive.  I never even finished out my first script of ambian because it wasn't doing me any good.
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Yes, you can build a tolerance that quickly. I was up to 2 12.5 mg.pills. a night at one point. I had a tolerance to it. I tried lunesta to no effect. I could take 4 of em and nothing happend.

I've taken that, and like 3 different types of antidepressants also...they didn't work.

Just be careful of what you take and how much. maybe talk to your doctor after about a month if it still doesn't work
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actually, i was using the "sleep aid" geltabs by equate(walmart), and so was fiance....and he's one who can force me out of bed he moves soooo much, but when he started taking the sleep aid, he'd fall asleep within an hour, and sleep in maybe 2 different spots all night! and he uses them offshore, so he can sleep with all the waves sounds, and rigging machines...he's on dayshift, and can't sleep on top of the noises so he took some with him last time, and said they're working even better than when he was at home!

try those, they work awesome!
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I have taken lunesta before and it worked great but it always gave me a hangover.  I think I am going to call my dr on tuesday though to see what he says. I only seem to be getting 4 hours of sleep in a 10 hour period. I wake up and stay awake for a few hours before I can eventually fall back to sleep it sucks really bad.  
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I honestly think you should try melatonin.  It's not a "sleep aid", it's not prescription, not a drug.  It's completely natural and when ambien, lunesta, my antidepressants, relaxtion techniques and everything else didn't work for me.  Melatonin did.  It's completely safe since it's the natural chemical your body already produces and it flushes out daily so there is not resistance build or over dose problems.
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Atleast ask your doctor about it.
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I agree with LosingMyMindinGa... I found that 5-25MG of melatonin helped me sleep for a while.

I began with 2.5 or 5mg.... then moved up each night until it made me sleepy. I usually took it in combo with 1 or 2 unisom's...
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I bought some melatonin 3mg pills today. I just took one  I will let you all know how it works.  I really would like to get 6 or more straight hours of sleep for once  
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Just remember, it make take several nights for you to find a dose that really works for you.
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I took 3mg of melatonin last night and it took me 2.5 hours to fall asleep. I only slept 3.5 hours and was awake for another 4 before going back to sleep for another 3 hours.  I'm going to try two pills tonight which would be 6mg.  

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benadryl, tylenol PM and sominex all work great.  

I had 2 MC's in 5 months and had lots of depression etc, which it appears as though you are having to.  Have you thought of seeing a therapist to have someone to talk to about your loss and process things.  I never thought i would want to do it and after 2 losses i needed to and i have felt much netter since.  She helps me work through the stages of grief rather than being stuck and she also is a non-judgemental ear just to listen.  Just a thought:)
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I've been seeing a therapist for just over a year since I was raped. I suffered from Post traumatic Stress. I was taken off my meds in Dec and was doing great, now I don't seem to have any symptoms of depression except for the inability to  sleep.  it gets easier day by day I still have my bad days just fewer

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i am so sorry for the things you have endured.  you said it very well, you just take it day by day/one day at a time.  i am in the same boat.  sometimes when i can not sleep or have insomnia, which i get a couple times a year, i put on the most boring movie ever and just continue to play that same movie everynight while i am trying to get to bed.  i found that as the days past, i am able to fall alseep soon into the movie.  i think i watch honey i shrunk the kids for 2 weeks to get myself to sleep and it worked.
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When I was younger I use to do that with Erin Brockovich and 10 things I hate about you I can recite them both and i don't want to stay awake to watch what happens next because I already know. I haven't done that in along time though. I might try that again.  
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10 things i hate about you used to be one of my favorite movies.  i don't think i can watch it again now that Heath Ledger died because he was so handsome in it.  Definately try to watch a boring movie again, it works wonders sometimes:)
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I work 12 hour night shifts and usually take a Unisom (OTC) on my first night off to get on a reglular routine and it works awesome for me.........Even 1/2 tab works pretty well......
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I took 6mg of melatonin last sunday night and I slept for about 6 hours total but when I was woke up by my dogs (had to let them out to go potty) I was able to fall back asleep fairly quickly.  

I think one of the reasons I am having such a hard time sleeping is I work graveyard (11pm-7am) mon and tues nights and then swing shift (3pm-11pm) on thurs

I've worked this schedule since jan though and just now started with the sleeping problems IDK.....
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Those pills always worked on my great grandma lol just one and she was a gonner!! She only needed 1 i would think thats all you need but make sure u talk to ur dr dont take extra of that med cus thats how Heath Ledger died!! too much of that stuff is dangerous!! i think brittny has a good idea melatonin is what makes u sleep ur body gets deprived and u cant sleep. i would try that.
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I currently take Ambien while also taking 3or 4 tyloyl PM each night. I drink 1 2 or 3 gases of red wine.  Started very recently that I might have a problem that I need to hide from so many.  Thank you for letting me say stuff.  Think i needed it.
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