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Headache and dizziness

I'm 13 weeks and for the past week I have had a headache every single day but I'll take a nap and it'll go away slightly I've also been really dizzy to and I do have alot of tension in my back and shoulders and neck I have a huge knot in my left shoulder upper back I've tried tylonal heating pad Ice packs nothing will help. Anyone else have this?  
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Ugh, you sound miserable.  So, who can give you a massage?  Will your partner do this for you?  Not just like a 2 minute thing but a nice, long relaxing massage.  What would be REALLY ideal if you can cough up the money and time to do it is a professional massage. They do pregnancy massages.  I had a couple myself.  The knot can cause everything to be tense and then the headache.  Try, actually, an ice pack where it is hurting.  I was told that when I have a bad headache do to a chronic neck issue I have after a car accident to put an ice pack on it.  I do and it does REALLY help.  Not for long, but for say 10 minutes.  Hope it gets better really soon!
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When I suffered with migraines in my first pregnancy my Dr told me to try small amounts of caffeine along with heat/cold therapy on my neck. So I would drink a coke a cola every couple of days and it made a huge difference. I would also put a cold compress on the back of my neck. Ask your Dr about the headaches though as it could be a sign of high blood pressure if not maybe they will recommend something similar to the caffeine trick?
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I actually had a pregnancy massage and it honestly only helped for like an hour lol but my hubby rubs my back all the time he said he gets tired of rubbing it lol so I try not to ask him that much I've tried the ice packs and heat and it doesn't help even tylonal won't help at all I wish I could take aleve cause that it honestly the it thing that helps but I can't take them
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I have low blood pressure like mine is like 100/72 so is kinda on the low side it feels more like tension in my neck than anything and it's also Im my eyes and o stay dizzy to
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What about this . . .  rolling on something.  LOL  Sounds weird but with my neck thing, there were times I'd get headaches and just want relief.  I would take a tennis ball or filled (with lid on tight) water bottle and roll on them.  I'm sure I looked ridiculous but who cares if it helps a little.  
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I'll try it I don't have a tennis ball but I can try the water bottle I have a massaging thing that I bought from Sam's club it was 200$ you put your arms through the little straps and it'llassage your back neck whatever needs to be massaged. Bit It only relieves it for a minute or 2
What if you just stay in it for a while?  I so feel for you---  I've been there.  Do you think a chiropractor could help you?  I find stretching helps too.  Nice, slow easy stretches of the neck and back and front of chest can release some tension.  
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