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Headaches - sign of gestational diabetes or just hormones

I'm 15 weeks pregnant now and the last week I have been getting really bad headaches and tylenol wont work. I've mentioned it to a few people and everyone says that I need to be checked for gestational diabetes. Headaches are a sign and should be checked immediatly.  

I have heard that headaches are a symptom of pregnancy and are caused by hormones.

What do you think? How many of you had bad headaches that lasted all day long and tylenol didn't help and it wasn't gestational diabetes?
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You are too early to get signs for gestational diabetes. Headaches are normal (yes, caused by hormones), I used to have them around the same time and tylenol NEVER worked for me. Then again it has never worked before lol. I had them aaaall day longs for days at the time, once I even had them for almost 2 weeks straight. Its all normal though. If they get extremely bad you can go to the doctor to get some extra medication
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I'm 15 weeks as well and get headaches everyday. I'm not talking about small ones either. These headaches are horrible! I can feel my head throbbing! From what I have read and from my dr, they are very normal. Hormones, extra blood volume, & all the other things that come along with pregnancy can cause them. Hope yours gets better!
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That is exactly what I thought. Gestational diabetes happens later in pregnancy thats why they do the testing later.  

I figured it was all normal. These headaches are so bad that I can't do anything but lay my head on a pillow and feel like my head is bounching.  I had to work last Saturday night with a really bad one and it was Kareoke night at the bar. It was lovely. My head pounded all night long I could barely concentrate or understand what most people were asking for to drink.  
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Welcome to my world! I’m 16 weeks pregnant.  I've always had headaches. But pregnancy has made it all worse. My doctor had to give me prescription meds that are safe to take during pregnancy as they won't hurt the baby. I think you should do the same. I was taking Excedrin and she told me to stop immediately. Excedrin only contains Acetaminophen (non narcotic) and caffeine. Yet she told me it could damage my baby's liver. I would tell the doc to prescribe something if the headaches are debilitating and interfering with your life.  I don’t really trust anything that’s over the counter when it comes to my babe.

Good Luck :)
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In early pregnancy i suffered very bad with headaches its a sign of high hormone levels,perfectly normal.and for someone like myself after multi mc,it was a blessing to hear.
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Ok so I'm not so worried that my headaches are something more than just pregnancy related.  I will be talking to my Dr at my next appt about them though.  
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Excedrin also has aspirin thats why they dont want you to take it.......but yes headaches are a normal part of pregnancy
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so far Tylenol is the only thing I've taken for my headaches. It's never helped
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Have you tried putting a warm or cold compress on your forehead? that'd help me for a veeery little time, but still it was better than nothing!
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i had headaches the whole nine months.... Statistics show if a woman gets pregnant for the first time around and gets headaches thruout pregnancy, dont expect it to completely disapear after you have a baby, from time to time i still get head throbbing headaches...... it totally normal, unless you have a dizzy spell or white flashes then you shoud be evaluated for PRE-ECCLAMPSIA....... also known as toxemia. Good luck and a happy 9 for all you ladies!
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