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Headaches while pregnant

I have just started my 2nd trimester a couple of weeks ago and find myself with some major headaches.  I am expecting twins, so I'm not sure if it is due to the hormones or just due to fatigue or dehydration...  

Anybody else have these headaches and if so, what did you end up having?  And how did you get rid of them?
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im 20 weeks and still get headaches, its mainly the hormones, it does ease up tho
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im only 9 weeks and i get CONSTANT headaches. and sometimes they are so horrible..they will be on the top of my head or each side of my head will start throbbing. i take tylenol and it helps a little. try lightly rubbing your temples. i think its just a pregnancy thing because alot of my friends got horrible headaches as well when they were pregnant
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iv found my painkillers do not help at all, although nothing helps much. try keep hydrated, avoid any noises that would ring through your ears, maybe have a hot bath if its really bad. congrats :)
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Make sure to have your blood pressure checked.  It can cause a bad head ache.  My daughter just had twin boys Nov. 1.  She became preclampsic, with swelling, high blood pressure and protein in her urine.  The first two are easy to determine.  If you push down on the top of your food and an indention stays then you are probably swollen.  If you have a blood pressure cuff, you can check your blood pressure.  if its higher than 120/80, I'd talk to your Dr.  You're Dr. Office can take your blood pressure.  Protein in the urine is something the Dr. Tests for.  Its an indication of how well you kidneys are removing toxins from your body.

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hi there im 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow and since about 2 months ago i was having headaches basically every second day like clock work,, i talked to dr, who said something about sinus infection and antibiotic,, blah blah he didnt listen to me when i said i was NOT sick.. it was something else,, anyways i started experimenting on my own and realized that it was my prenatal vitimens..  when i figured this out,, i stoped taking them and spoke to another dr. whom said to much of something good isnt great either.. he said i was probably getting to much of something, and if i eat healthy i didnt need them anyways.. so im of course not telling u to quit your pills but deffinatly experiment and speak to dr. i havent had a headache now in 3 weeks,, thank god.. just a thought anyways
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As soon as I hit the 2nd trimester I got those headaches. Cool washcloths on my forehead helped a lot and laying down in a dark quiet room. It's the hormones
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Prenatal vitamins are important for the baby....especially folic acid.  Your baby needs those for development.  While it true that you probably eat good, if your diet is missing any vital nutrient, the baby will take it from your body and you will be left tired, sluggish and unhealthy.  Healthy mom and Healthy baby is the best route.  Sometimes the filler products that they use can produce a reaction, I would try a different Prenatal, but I would hessitate to discontinue it all together.  we want you to feel better and have a happy healthy baby.
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