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Hi doctor-
I'm 11 weeks into my second pregnancy, and while many symptoms--food aversions, exhaustion, mild nausea--seem to be lifting, I've had a 9-day headache that Tylenol does not help at all. At my 8-week appt I mentioned to my OB that I was getting more frequent headaches than normal (I'm not normally prone to them at all--probably I have a handful a year and they always respond quickly to advil or tylenol). He said it was hormones. Since then they've become even more frequent, and as I said I've had one that has been nearly continuous since Thanksgiving. I'm drinking lots of water and didn't drink caffeine before pregnancy so that's not it. They are mild and sort of come and go throughout the day--generally better in the morning and kick in sometimes in the afternoon but usually by 10 a.m. and sometimes it's there right when I wake up. The symptom itself isn't that bad--milder than the headaches I've had when not pregnant--but as someone with several anxiety disorders, and in particular really bad health anxiety, I am convinced this is a brain tumor. I'm 32. I'll be into see my OB next week but frankly I know he's going to blow off the symptom. Thanks for any advice. Oh, I should mention that even when not in pain, I feel some sort of pressure and tenderness around my nose/eyes.
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that your headaches are almost certainly tension headaches.  A brain tumor is extremely unlikely and would usually present with different symptoms.  I would advise trying some massage therapy to see if the headaches respond to that.  An MRI of your head and neck could be safely done during pregnancy as this does not involve any radiation, but I would probably have you evaluated by a neurologist before recommending an expensive test like that.
Good luck!
Dr B

btw some of the SSRI type medications can be used in the second and third trimesters to help with anxiety symptoms.
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