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Healthy pregnancy?

I just found out yesterday I'm pregnant, I'm not sure of my due date what so ever because I just had a miscarriage Feb 20th and have not had a period since then.  When I got pregnant in Jan it was my very first pregnancy, I'm 27, I have severe endometriosis and was told it was blocking my tubes causing me to never get pregnant. Little did they know it has happened twice just in the past few months, I had a miscarriage because the egg was not growing as it should, from my understanding, and with my first pregnancy when I took home pregnancy tests the line was very very faint and at the drs my hcg levels were only 34. So my fear is that the two home test I took yesterday the lines were very faint I am afraid to go to the dr because of what they might say..... Has this happened to any of you or any one you know or do you know what I should do?
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just go back to the doctor and get them to do your hcg levels again for this new pregnancy, they will probably do an early ultrasound to give you an estimate of a due date, so you will be able to go by that, your probably around 4-5 weeks, you could wait another week or two if you wanted, no reason to be worried about what the doctor will say :), and hopefully this pregnancy will go the whole nine months :)
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Thank you!
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Well I  am pregnant with my fifth baby and when I was pregnant with my 3rd and this one the line was very faint for both of them. I went to my doctor with the 3rd pregnancy and they was saying I had a positive urine test but my blood wasn't doubling like it was supposed to be. I was worrying but I had a ob/gyn appointment for three straight weeks at the beginning and every week I went my blood was doubling. So don't worry or stress out just go back to the doctor and take your prenatal vitamins and I too have alot of cysts on both of my ovaries so just stay positive. Hope this was helpful
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Thank you! It's comforting to hear other women with similar stories!
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the test i took the line was very faint also. i was also only 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant when I found out so im sure thats why it was so faint. but i would make an appt anyways just to make sure everything is going like it should. although an ultrasound at 4 weeks isnt going to show much but at 7 weeks will show something as well as a heartbeat.
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I like you miscarried in Dec didn't have a period since and found it at the end of feb I was pregnant again I also have endrom. And was told I could not convince I'm now almost 11 weeks....everything that is supposed to happen will..I hope the Dr goes ok
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I had 3 overion cyst when I was 7 Weeks at 9 weeks I only had 2
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I cried when I read your comment! I can't even express how good that makes me feel to read!! Congrats with your pregnancy!!!!!
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Ok well I haven't been to my ob yet since it's been a holiday weekend but I started spotting last night after intercourse, then I was up all night cramping really bad felt like period cramps even pulled out my heating pad. Is that normal to cramp that bad while spotting light pink/redish blood? I'm so scared I really don't want to lose another baby :(
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Well that could be from the intercourse.

Intercourse can irritate the cervix. I would definitely get to the dr. And maybe refrain from intercourse until you know for sure.

Good luck to you
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