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Help, pain is worse on right side,tight/swollen/hard abdomin,intestine or bowel pressure discomfort,nausea when laying on side.

i dont know i feel like something is wrong...not so much with the baby but me. Ive had this wierd discomfort pain in my right side like theres a metal plate and everytime i move or push on it i feel the edges(cant explain it at all) I first started off with period like cramps at the bikini line then turned into when pushing on a spot on my right side felt sore/ache/pain now it seems to have been bigger and not like sharp pain or soreness but a wierd sensation. My intestines/bowel feel alot of pressure and discomfort and when i lay on my side i get nauseated. My abdomin seemed to swell up some and is tight. I just overall feel ucky. Its been about 4 days now i think constant and its getting worse. This is not ligament i cant tell and im not constipated ive been good on that from the fiber diet. and after a few days. Kinda the same feeling when i had an ectopic but not the Severe pain and im on my 16th sweek so i know its not ectopic. Im going to the ER soon just wondering if anyone had experienced this or have an idea....
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There are a few things it could be. To name a few, it could be a kidney infection or a gallbladder attack. Neither are pleasent, but sounds pretty consistent with what you have. If your not running a fever, then I would say it is the gallbladder. The best thing to do is call your OB and let them know what is going on. If they don't help you go see your primary caregiver. More than likely the OB will not discount you, since the cause could be kidney infection.
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sounds to me like it could be your kidneys!! Maby stones!! I would go in and get checked ne ways just becuase you dont know what it is....if its an infection and can be passed to the baby then you want to get it treated!! Good luck hun keep us posted!
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Well i went to the ER he said everything looked good but the pancreas(spelling?) seemed a little bit swelled up or irritated but he said we will keep an eye on it. He said that could cause the discomfort a well as scar tissue from my ectopic and the growing utuers. Im also low on potassium. Not too low but low. I got pics of the baby and he/she is so cute! Was moving around all over the place, kicking,hiccups,waving...everything. They wouldnt let me video tape :( oh well, maybe next time.
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So then you may have pancreatis?  Hmm, that *****!  I think they could give you medicine for it, and something!  Well, I hope it calms down because anything like Kidney Infection or gallstones su cks!  

I get to keep a close eye on my spleen through this pregnancy.  I have ulcers in my stomach, right next to my spleen, and a little over a year ago it felt like my spleen ruptured, and they caught it just in time to give me meds to decrease swelling!  :)  

But they could be right, that the scar tissue is being pressed on by your uterus as well!  Just hang in here!!!
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Well, glad to hear it isn't kidneys or gallbladder, both stink. Keep an eye on the pancreas though like ashiepoo said though because that could be just as bad.
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Yeah im glad it isnt those either. I knew the feeling i had was wierd and its been going on for a few weeks. Its probably a mix of everything I never been past 6 weeks so all this is new. But my pancreas was swollen a little when i had surgery last feb from ectopic i guess it never changed.... I dont know what that means but he told me to take tylonal. *****...its been making it hard to sleep and hurts laying on my side which is the only position im suppose to lay on.

Ashie- Ouch spleen rupture and ulcers?? Ugh i couldnt even imagine that. I have Irritable bowel syndrom (which makes prgnancy symptoms worse) and ive had small gallstone. I tell ya they arent pleasant. I hope your better now other than the stress of a HUGE family.  You should be on TLC lol

I will post some pics if i can of the baby they only gave me a printout like on printer paper lol I guess there good machine broke so we had a REALLY old one. So i trying to get a decent pic onto a camera. Still dont know the sex yet :( Well thanks for the support and for letting me ramble. Im so bored here all the time. Indiana *****....
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I think if you HAD and Ectopic before this pregnancy..the pain could just be from that. Ive known ppl who had Ectopics and almost 2 years later still got twinges of pain in the side it was. Mine was in my right side and the only time i feel twinges there are when im ovulating...during my treatment for the Ectopic i felt pain there during or before bowel movements. Now its been almost 3 months and dont feel anything there, and im TTC again.
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Yeah thats it was mostly before bowel movements then once i went it was gone. Not so much pain but alot of discomfort. Still like that thought but not as bad. Now that im pregnant ithink maybe the utuers is pushing up against it and causing wierd pains. Mine is on the right side to where the baby is. I lost my right tube from the last ectopic but got pregnant again pretty quickly. Thank goodness...
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