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Help, unplanned pregnancy!

Hiiya all!!

I'm 18 (19 in March) and have just found out I am pregnant with my 22 year old fiance's baby. I am apparently 5 weeks along and have been booked for an ultrasound for next week so make sure. I had 8 BFP today, didn't want to believe it. I was on the pill and when that ran out we used condoms. We had a breakages exactly 7 days ago but thats too fast for the results I got on tests.

I am freaking out and I know I am too young. We just moved out of home a month and a half ago and am only on casual work whereas my partner has a stable full time job in family business. We are very mature for our age and were being safe, but stuff happens.

I really want to know what happens now?? I live on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia and don't know if I just use my normal GP or have to go to someone special. I am so lost as to what I do here at the beginning. Please can someone help guide me till the shock wears off and I have a doctor that will help me.
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You can always ask your GP for a referral to an OB/GYN or just call one and schedule an appointment. I would also start on a prenatal pill also. Congrats and good luck momma.
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Don't let anyone tell you you are too young hun. You have your own home and you both have jobs. Plus the fact you were being careful shows this baby was meant to be. I'm not gonna lie it will be tough but you should find it no more tough than any other mum to be. When I found out I was pregnant with my 1st I was in a similar position to. We had only been in our own place about a month. My (now) husband had a full time job while I was part time. I was 17 and my partner was 19. The only difference is we planned our pregnancy. Your best bet is to go to your gp and they should give you a number for your local midwife unit. You can then call them and set up your first appointment.  Hope this helps hun.  Feel free to add me if you want and good luck :) xx
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I found out I was pregnant at 19 I just turned 20 on the 30th nd I'm being induced on Tuesday so age doesn't matter if u think u r ready to b a mom then that is ur decision don't let anyone tell u otherwise :)
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Definitely go get started on your prenatal vitamins. Until your appointment I say just talk to your fiance about how your feeling. your gonna need each other more than ever now. make sure you guys are on the same page with everything. Begin to get healthy foods also drink plenty of water (1-1.5 liters a day) you should get plenty of info from your doctor next week as well.
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I got pregnant at 18 also my baby's daddy was 29 he didn't want that baby back then....Now my son is two and I'm married with my baby's daddy and expecting a little girl now....so age don't matter you just need to be a great mom and that will come as you raise he/she....you will be just fine....Congratulations! !!
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I'm 20 and not regretting a thing....i lost friends and a relationship with some family but omg...that moment when you feel the baby kicking...and for a while only you can feel it...it's the best feeling in the world... :3
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Im 19 my boyfriend is 25 and were expecting our first. Its not age that matters its maturity level. Congrats!
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Just to to your gp they will organise everything and send a referral off to your nearest hospital, at around 12ish weeks, you will need to have bloods done but your gp will organise that. Congratulations :) medicare is a great system and there is still a small baby bonus left so I wouldnt worry too much about finances as you should be able to get through, most women who are pregnant can work as long as they want, and having a casual job while pregnant is like having the best of both worlds :) As long as you think that the two of you can look after your baby, then your not to young, good luck :)
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I got pregnant at 19 with my  son had him at 20. I had a job babys father had a job and we  moved into our place 1 month before that. But in the midst of it all we had a move in party and it ended badly. I got an MIP and he got a DUI. Couple weeks later found out we were having a baby. In which he was pretty much planned. We were trying prior abd when all that happened I guess we just forgot to stop trying. Me and him were together from when I was 12-16. then got bavk together a couple months after I turned 19. We were so lost in how we were going to handle all this. With all the fines and.court costs (bc that was my second offense) it was really pricey. We ended up moving bavk to my moms and he made me quit my job bc he didn't want his pregnant fiancee working in a bar. Thank god he made good money. I gotta tell ya though my son is now turning 4 in May and one of the most spoiled lil kids around. He has never ever gone without. Me and his dad arnt together anymore and  havnt been since Cole was 7 months old but still doesn't change anything. Hes  the happiest kid! And we share him pretty well. I'm now almost 16 weeks with my second child and terrified lol but.I know I can do it just like I have before. Your going to be ok and your baby will be too! Congrats!
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